Query Hunter Review & Demo | Refresh Your WordPress Posts Fast with AI

Query Hunter Review & Demo | Refresh Your WordPress Posts Fast with AI
Get it at: https://swiy.co/qh

In this video I will show you a demo of Query Hunter Pro version.

I show you the settings and real life example of data on my site.

Query Hunter is available for free but the Pro version is £39/$49 for UNLIMITED sites.

The Pro version adds an AI tool connected to your own OpenAI API key. You can use it to quickly add queries, sentences or paragraphs answering the query – leading to more impressions and clicks.

I have found it to be very useful already and I have only had it for a very short time.

The set up is a bit fiddly but the tutorial video and doc is straightforward, just follow the steps.

00:01 Introduction
00:20 Query Hunter Pricing
00:30 Overview
00:55 Overview of Query Hunter install
01:30 Pro features
03:04 Query Hunter Settings Dashboard
04:10 Query Hunter Live Data Demo
04:40 Pro Version AI Demo
09:30 Conclusion

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Get it at: https://swiy.co/qh

In this video I'm going to do a quick Revieww of query Hunter this available Via the link below or go towi Iy. q that is an affiliate link so thank You for your new Purchase this is available either for Free with cut down options or the pro Version which is £39 about $50 and that is the version that I've Purchased because you can use it on Unlimited sites and it's got some really Good additional features So basically what this does is you link It to your search console data that data Is just between your site and Google Search console is not shared by the app Developers or anyone else in between no Third parties such as AHF or srash Whatever I know some people do get a bit Paranoid about that and so do I and um Yes you just you follow the tutorial it Looks a bit fiddly but it's Straightforward to follow the tutorial You basically go to your developer Console you create a new project uh Create a service account and then you Just link it up together and you copy Copy and paste some data Over and then uh once you have all that Done then you go on to your your posts Are actually ranking and you can See um what they're ranking for what They're getting clicks for what the Impressions are for the post and the the

Queries which is the key point of this And the beauty of the pro version is That you can quickly add a line of text A whole paragraph or more To satisfy the query and that that Should and it's proven to give you Better rankings so I'll show you a demo In a second but yeah like I said the Free version is uh cut down but the pro Version is £39 about $50 so from the description it's the Quickest way to multiply your traffic You can refine your top performing pages And you can uh add content to serve your Underserved Queries uh let me see So this won't work on a fresh site with No ranking and no keywords the point is You have to have some activity in search Console so first your domain has to be In search console then you have to have A little bit of ranking and then from There you can work your way Up um and also it's got an option where You search stuff on page two and page Three and it will tell you how to boost Up to the first Page let me see so you've got some You've got some nice little table here So it shows you high Impressions but low Clicks slow CTR shows you the position it shows you The number of times that this phrase or

These keywords are Mentioned uh it's got a nice option here For question queries which is always Good so questions at your content can Serve you can put it into your site Quickly query is not mentioned on your Page at all which is very Important export the data and so On okay so let's let me show you The I probably have to blur some of this But this is the back end of the plugin So it's basically this top section here The API key the Json String is from uh is from the Google Console so just copy and paste the the The the text into this first box the Property type A lot of people got Tripped up on this so in your search Content let me just Show you here let me just blur some of This one Second oh that's fine so in your in your Properties here you see I've got here it Says domain properties that I've added It using the DNS record but before the Main may I used that most us to add it Was to upload a small text file or Whatever HTML file and they verify that Way so in your settings box here you Choose either web property or prefix Then you add your license key for this Uh plugin and then you add your open air License key and you choose English or Whichever language you want you press

Save um and let me show you an example So this is a post that's doing uh Reasonably Well you just click on your post go all The way to the bottom and you got this Section here now called query Hunter so it's showing 10 entries now so The the the key the top query that's got The most Impressions is a bre best read best Fruit juice for health I'm not Mentioning it at all in the content zero Clicks zero CTR and I'm position 47.6 um so what you could do with the Pro version click on Sentence it uses the op AI key to Quickly generate a sense that you can Put in your Content I've noticed this a few times See what it says in English because that Must be part of the prompt why added There obviously you go into your content You go into your your generated content And you edit it but the main purpose is To quickly generate this into a sentence Or you can do a whole Paragraph give it a second it's very Quick usually very quick okay there we Go so it's the whole paragraph So to Make it look a bit more natural bit of Flow you add that somewhere onto your Page and then you got a snippet so this Will try and get you the featured Snippet so I'm guessing back it's a

Prompt design to uh give you the best Outcome so again it says in English so You can delete that Bit this a nice little slip it that Google May pick up may Not and you got another option here Called lazy Genie so if you click on This one what it will do um I'm not sure If it's the first I think it's the first 10 they said the first 10 entries it Will put it into a whole block paragraph Make it make sense use as many as Possible you just plunk that on the page For being really lazy it looks un Natural but black hat method you Know so it it used all these keywords They put into this paragraph here so I Put that on the page and I will satisfy A lot of the all if not some if not all Of these queries Here and then you can export these for Analysis and so on you can refresh It so let me see so mention things let Me start these column so the top Queries by uh Impressions okay mentions In Contents so I mentioned juice 178 Times juices 171 times I think this Article was completely AI Generated orange eight times zero clicks Don't forget this blog s just a demo Site using completely AI content I think Pretty much I don't think I've done Anything uh fresh fruit mentioned seven Times one impression let's my

Impression so best fruit juice for Health got 166 Impressions but I don't Mention in my content so if I do mention It if I either create a paragraph or Even added the sentence technically I'm Satisfying the query so I should get get A ranking boost is orang just good for You I'm not mentioned it like a 91 Impressions oh actually let me show you The other things this all the queries Here so this is that's all query this is No mention so this queries I do not Mention at all in my content That's a nice little filter on the top There these are the queries with low CTR uh why is it showing me one I don't Know Anyway then I've got page two Queries so I'm on page two if I add them I can get to page one hopefully and this Is the good one Questions so these questions I getting Me Impressions but I don't mention it I Don't answer the question anyway swag Put one little FAQ coordin at the bottom Of the page export all of these and just Put them all in there answer them all With a line and that's it job Done so so that's my quick review now It's actually an absolute bargain for £39 on unlimited sit I've already Install it on Three uh one brand new site obviously With no content and with no ranking it

Wasn't going to show me anything but This side is public site anyway so I Thought I'll install it here and see how It goes and it's giv me a lot of useful Data you can of course try the free Version but with this version just add Your opening I key and for a couple of Cents a day you can quickly generate Some content around these Queries and what I like is that one of The sites I install it on it's maybe About I'd say probably 10 years old I've Got some really old content on there but It's still getting good Impressions and Clicks so now I've install this on there And can go in there and instead of Trolling through search content I just Cly go to the bottom of the post post Use open AI just quickly generate a Sentence or paragraph or snippet of text And put it in the content and it becomes Refreshed and hopefully you get more Clicks more impression and so On so yeah I hope you find this useful There is a link for this down below or Go to swi y.c Slq and yeah for that sort of money it's A bargain it's such a useful Tool and I think I saw it mentioned in Another video or it was a Tik Tok video Someone mentioned it but I couldn't find The video again I remember the name so Yeah it works on any WordPress Website and yeah just follow the

Tutorial to install it if you need any Help just give me put a message down Below and I'll give you a hand uh Because it can be a bit confusing if You've not been into the Google Developer console Before but yeah thank you for watching And I'll see you in the next one

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