Chatbotic Review and Demo – 24/7 Assistant, Lead Gen and Affiliate Promos

Chatbotic Review
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Chatbotic is a cutting-edge AI chatbot designed to enhance user engagement, automate lead generation, and streamline customer service on your website. This review will delve into the main advantages of Chatbotic, highlighting its key features and benefits.

Generating Leads and Promoting Affiliate Offers

One of the primary advantages of Chatbotic is its ability to generate leads and promote affiliate offers. The AI-powered chatbot is designed to engage with visitors, providing round-the-clock customer support and collecting leads seamlessly. By prompting happy users to share their contact details, such as email addresses and phone numbers, Chatbotic streamlines the lead generation process. Moreover, it can intelligently detect the user’s mindset and request their contact information based on their replies or questions.

Supercharging Website User Engagement

Chatbotic is tailored to nurture casual visitors into loyal customers by providing an interactive and personalized user experience. The GPT-4-powered framework enables the chatbot to deliver intelligent, contextually relevant responses, creating a more authentic and human-like interaction experience for users. This, in turn, increases user engagement and interaction on the website.

Always-Available Customer Service

Another significant advantage of Chatbotic is its round-the-clock availability. The AI chatbot is always available to answer queries and provide assistance to visitors, serving as an always-available customer service representative. This constant availability significantly improves engagement and lead generation, ensuring that no potential customer is left unattended.

In summary, Chatbotic offers several key benefits that make it a standout solution for businesses looking to enhance customer engagement and lead generation. Its lead collection and management capabilities, continuous affiliate offer promotion, smart AI technology, customization options, and multilingual support position it as an advanced and comprehensive tool for modern businesses. By leveraging the power of AI, Chatbotic provides a more human-like, convenient, and responsive online presence, making it a worthy investment for businesses aiming to stay ahead in the digital curve.

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In this video I'm going to be doing a Review and giving you a demo of chat Boo. a this is a new chatbot tool that You can add to any website with just Some basic HTML Code and there's a lot of things that Can do but the main overview of what it Does is that it trains on your website Data and it takes in your links and you Can use it as a 247 support tool to Answer visitor questions you can even Even add affiliate links you can also Capture leads I take email addresses Phone numbers and so on and the setup Install is a very straightforward Process and you can update it as it goes Along you can add custom data I'll show You the a few ins and outs I I installed It one of my public test sites and I'll Show you how I did it so basically on The sales page they go through all the Main features you can promote affiliate Offers if you want 24/7 just say for example some comes to Your widget site and you want to know What's the best widget for this you can Add those keywords into Your um into your chat box training chat Chat btic even training data and you can Give an Amazon or another affiliate link And then say look um if you want to find Out about this widget click here and They'll go to Amazon site and you'll get Some affiliate

Commissions so yeah FL set up yeah very Simple I just it took me just two Minutes to set it up into intelligent Responses it uses GPT whoops it uses GPT 4 which is the current best uh uh AI Model from open AI it's very Powerful and the beauty is you don't Need your own a open API key you you're Paying them a monthly Subscription and then uh to chat btic And then in that includes your your Usage as well there's no Xtra Fe On Top Um intelligent response say it trains on Your data and gives them a very good Response it's your business VA it works 24/7 you can automate lead Capture it's available 24/7 and you can Match it to your brand you can add icons Add colors and so On okay and it tells you a little bit About promoting affiliate Links I'll show you on my site in action I won't show you this video you are Multiple stores so in E e-commerce Stores on info site Niche sites blogs All sorts of places you can use It they go over some of the main Features there AI driven effort setup And all this stuff Here and this is the launch offer so for Now it is $27 per month with that you Can install it on to 50 Websites you can have unlimited uh chat Sessions per chat bot unlimited

Conversations per session intelligent Lead capture 30-day chat history so you Can actually see what people are Entering and tailor your site your Content content to that and you don't Need your own opening I ke so you save Money on the monthly Billing and so on okay so let me show You what should I show you okay this is The actual dashboard of the chat B so This is a it's a cloudbased uh app that You will install the HTML code onto your Site this is the main site here so this Is where you you set up your Bot you Click on website Bots this is the one I've set up called Tester so you put in the name of the bot The URL and you give it a roll now this Is important so because this is my have I got it loaded this is my fruit juice Machine Site it just my demo My Demo affiliate Site that I haven't worked on in a long Long time but this is just about fruit Juice machines and just giving advice And some affiliate links in There so I thought it's a good deit for Me to test it on so I put in the URL and Then you can give it the role of a tutor A customer service EXA sales assistant Health advisor Personal Fitness coach Financial advisor event planner travel Planner I'm sure they'll be adding more In the future but from my perspective

Because the site is like an affiliate And stroke info site I thought sales System might be the best option you can Always Tinker with it and what this does If you know anything about Ai and Prompting this will affect the way the AI interacts with your data and gives The result to your your Visitor let me show you what else we've Got so this is um the website content so I just clicked on get website content And it went and called the sign it Grabbed uh several thousand words and Just put it into it grabbed some of the Links and he just put it into this Little box Here uh I'll show you this in a second Actually might it uh uh yeah I'll show You now yeah so what I did um in the Tutorial they recommend that if you want To give specific URLs on your site and You don't want to go and look at other Sites for information you can go to a Site map for example so this is my site Map and you can copy and paste these uh Just say the buyers guides or affiliate Post whatever you want just copy and Paste these into the uh into the box Here and then say note these are only Links on our website to not generate any Other links with AI it can be creative It can try and look at other sites or Give more suggestions but you want it to Stay on your site and give information

From your content and then you can also Say that if they can't find the Information please send us an email and It will present a a lead capture form so Phone number or email address so On and and and that's one way to capture Leads and also you just say you don't Want to mention pricing on your site you Can say not mention pricing sorry in the Chat bot you don't want to mention Pricing just present them with a contact Form and say contact us and we will Contact them later so that's the way you Can get more specific with this and That's how you can add affiliate Links let me close that um the next one Is okay custom content I haven't really Messed about with Yet this is History um so it's given my rough Location which is whatever and this is Yeah this is one this is the I I was Missing them out with so which juice is Best that was before I enter some of the URLs um so here so this is how you can Just see what the results is giving so I Asked a question can you direct me to The buyer's guide and the chat B replied With you can explore our buyers guide by Clicking here and it gives my buyers Guide URL now if you remember I entered That into the other form and I also told It to stick to our website and also this Another question I asked where is the

Contact page okay simp simple question But some people are lazy they don't like Looking so it says here you can find the Contact page here and it gives them a Direct link with my URL to the contact Page and it says feel free to reach out With any questions or concerns you may Have so because of view of a sales Sy Time it's giving this sort of Answer and yeah it sounds very Professional um what's this okay this is The lead I'm not done any lead capture Yet but you can collect the email Address mobile phone number and the date That it was created and the last one is Where you actually customize the chatbot And you add the get the code so I just Made it orange because my website is About fruit juice and it's pretty Orange um you can add your own bot icon So maybe in this case I'd add an orange Or i' add a fruit or maybe a a juice or Something uh chatbot color so that will Be let me see here's the chatbot Here so you can change the color change The background secondary colors you can Toggle email and phone form I don't need Email and phone for this site so I don't Need that toggle footer and start off Minimize which you can leave it open if You want but I do I do minimize so all You do is you get this this little bit Of HTML script here JavaScript here Contrl C copy it then go back to your

Website you can inst any number of Plugins for WordPress the one that I'm Using at the moment is header for code Manager I paid for the pro version but It works fine in the free version or There's one called WP and this one code snippet is good as Well um I don't know I've got both Installed anyway all you do is add a new Snippet let edit this one to show you Edit so you just create a name in this App in this uh plugin give it a name HTML sitewide header and then you just Paste the code into to there and then if You' got um light speed you might want To clear the Cash and then what you do is what Happens is you get this you get the bot In the corner here on every Page so you see it's still in the corner Let's see for example Um let me Think what is the Best choose to choose for Health if that makes sense let's see What it Says let's give it a second it goes Through it searches and as for health Choose fruit Jues okay it's going be a medium onto That Okay can you oops can you send me A can you give Me link to read more and this I'm

Testing whether it goes out from my site Or if it looks for this information on My site and gives a Link that's what it should do but I've Only just set this up I haven't spent Time training It okay let me see so in the bottom left Corner okay yeah so saying go back to The homepage you'll find out more here Enjoy your Reading because um I trained on the on I Think it took a lot the homepage data Instead of some other specific data I Didn't put the post in there and stuff But yeah that is the essence of what it Can do now you can also add just say you Can add your own custom to where you say If they ask For um the best fruit juice machine you Can say here is the best fruit juice Machine in our opinion either you can Send it to your just say you got a post That you want really want to push people To send them to the post or you can say Here's the best fruit juice machine on Amazon then give them an affiliate link And they'll go off to Amazon and they Can get it from there and you get your Commission this a very good idea Um I think I could use on many sites Where I've got some uh like uh just These these these heavy content Generated AI generated sites and a Chatot like this might help people to

Navigate the site find the content also It might give you some affiliate Commissions from those sites and yeah It's a good tool it's a good tool to use On the S and it's all AI driven it's gp4 You know you're going to get good good Answers and good positive results so Yeah this a this well worth it if you Click on the link below there is a link To purchase This and yeah good luck with it it looks Really good and hope you find this Useful and I'll see you in the next one I almost forgot to mention the other Features um so if you get the add-on I Think it's Oto1 you can actually connect it to uh Facebook as your Facebook Messenger um and also the the Integration so using zapia you can Connect to many uh on pre-built ones so I think that's um what you call MailChimp get response I think that's Aweber Google Sheet I'm not sure what that one is That's slack and I'm not sure these two I can't see it properly but yeah you can Just uh they've got it pre-built in so You can uh connect it to these platforms And then it will you can add people to a Mailing list and use your automation on There to contact them and you know take Your site and your list even Further so yeah thanks again for


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