Do Not Use Thrive Themes – You cannot edit content if licence expires!

I don’t usually make negative type videos but Thrive Themes has really annoyed me and I want to pre-warn potential users of some of the issues.

My main issue was the fact that if the licence is not constantly connected to the site, you cannot edit your site content.

That is a major negative for me.

Their product manage plugin had connection issues and I had to mess about trying to fix it just so that I could edit my site.

Also the fact that they have raised the prices to a ridiculous $599 for 5 sites although they seem to have it on offer at $299 for a long while.

I am switching back to Astra, Spectra and Kadence.

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In this video I'm going to talk about Why I no longer use Thrive themes on any Of my websites I've been a subscriber For about two years but I very recently Started using it properly as in trying To use it on some live sites I tried it On one Business website and one uh Ecom Service type Website and it was going along okay I Really like the themes I really like Working with the uh Thrive architect and Thrive theme Builder it was going pretty Well support was pretty responsive I had A few issues and understand a few things And they were generally quite good Within 24 hours they' give you a Reply and then more recently over the Past two months I've noticed that my License kept disconnecting from the site Even though everything was up to date I Had the Thrive I think it's called Product manager or something plugin Installed and it kept Disconnecting and what I noticed was That I couldn't edit my content on my Own site just because of this annoying Issue where the license kept Disconnecting kept saying was expired Even I've got months to Go and this got me thinking that I don't Like the fact that I'm basically tied in Now well I was tied in if I stayed with Them to have paying every year for This service even though I'm using on my

Server my my Hardware that I'm paying For and just to edit my content I would Have to pay them pretty much Forever and I wasn't happy with that and The price I paid at the time was about $220 or for I think it was 25 sites and They've now downgraded to five sites for A minimum of $299 or their standard price in Quotation is $5.99 I believe where is it G here $599 the standard price but They're doing the promotion $2.99 it's Been promoted for AG years but anyway That's beside the point and you get up To five sites now th site did seem like A good idea all the products Integrated but it just became a bit like Elemental Elemental I hate Elemental I Really don't like it even though I'm Still subscribing so I'm on a $99 plan For a th sites but I'll probably cancel That as well CU I've stopped using it Ages ago just hoping it would improve But it never seems to improve and just Slows down my sight and this thite I'm On is actually a VPS it's only my site On the server and it's uh I think it's 2 CPU 2 G I've got another one that's 4 CPU 8 Gig and even then I noticed that my Workflow my the time for me to just get Into architect and start editing the Page stuff it just annoyingly Slow and once this issue with the

License came up and I kept having to Reconnect and uninstalled reinstall Plugins and so on it's got fed Up so I'm actually going to switch away And go back to good old Astra I'm going To try Spectra and also I've got Cadence As well that paying uh I think was a $99 $150 the discounting plan for unlimited Sites cuz thme whilst it was good to Because I'm not a designer I can't Design Pages at all I'm really terrible At that so I did like the templates I Like the the nature of how you can edit The page and stuff it was very was Easy and uh yes I did like using it but Just this whole issue really annoyed me And they' be taken over by another Company and that causes issues and I Just don't like it anymore so I'm Completely getting rid of It and com to my Al which is doing about A month I think and switching to Astra Spectra and Cadence I'm going to try These ones because even Cadence just Released some new AI website design Features which is all everything's AI Nowadays but it does seem to be quite Good and although it's probably not as Easy to set up as the Thrive Templates at least I won't have this Issue where I'm tired to them Forever and I'm paying a lot of money And just really annoyed

Me so that was my quick Grant on Thrive And I think if you if you've not I mean If you want to always spend your money And do it it's fine but it is like Elemental where you have to go into Thrive architect so you go to your post And you have to launch it at Thrive Architect then do your changes then save It and then it's just another process And I've noticed that my the same site Done a quick edit and put it into I Think AST And my page speed scores were I think About 10 10 15% better without me doing Any customiz any Optimizations and overall is I feel much More comfortable using asra for the Posting and edits and stuff the actual Design process I did prefer in Thrive but not anymore I'm glad I'm not Too heavily invested in it I I just Cel My renewal so the site was on the verge Of being launched but I'm going to put It back by a month and just working on The other other options I've got so if If if you if you're looking at something Just don't go for Thrive it's just a Headache it's not worth trouble stick to Astra Spectra Cadence okay that's end of the r and Thank you for watching

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