Deeper Connect Mini Set Review | DPN | No Subscription Privacy VPN

Deeper Connect Mini Set Review | DPN | No Subscription Privacy VPN
Get the Deeper Connect Mini discount here:

In this video I review the Deeper Network Mini Set DPN.

This consists of a Deeper mini and wifi adapter to allow multiple devices to connect to the Deeper Network DPN service.

Deeper Network DPN offers advanced privacy, ad blocking, parental controls, crypto mining, and much more.

This hardware based VPN service connects to other real devices around the world via real residential IPs.

I use it for Netflix, discounted subscriptions, cheap travel, SEO local services, social media accounts and more.

As it uses your home network, you will get the maximum speed of your home network and the feeder network.

00:01 Deeper Network DPN Review
00:09 Deeper Network Mini Se Review
00:20 Deeper Network Benefits
00:50 Deeper Connect Mini New updated version
01:10 Deeper Connect Mini ports
02:42 Deeper Connect Mini inside the box
03:22 Deeper Connect Discount
05:47 Deeper Connect Dashboard Demo
07:37 Deeper Connect Smart Route
08:36 Deeper Connect network locations
09:22 Deeper Connect Sample Speedtest
11:05 Deeper Connect Full Route
12:30 Deeper Connect Smart App Route List
14:25 Get F1 TV for Β£50 example
15:40 Ad block and tracker block dashboard
17:25 Enable or Disable sharing
18:30 Conclusion of Deeper Network Connect Mini review

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In this video I'll be reviewing deeper Network and in particular the deeper VPN Mini SE let me show you what I've got this is What I've got this the deeper mini Deeper connect mini set I purchased this Several weeks ago and what this Basically is it's a hardware device that Sits on your local network and it acts As a VPN so you don't need a Subscription to any other VPN service Which as Nordvpn and this gives you ad blocking PRI Acy you can purchase stuff from Other Countries you can basically maintain a Level of privacy but all within your Home network without paying a Subscription to another Company now I purchased this several Weeks ago maybe two months ago but the New version they've just released it I'll show you a picture Now this this version you can see it's Got a separate Wi-Fi setup a separate Dual antenna system which is amazing the Old one is perfectly fine for me it's Close to my PC but this one's even Better This is the one I've got with the one Antenna but it's plugged straight into The device but the other one is more Powerful and it's got better range but This is perfectly fine let me go through

Some of the layout and features so on The top there you see um it's got a Space there for the power adap or Wi-Fi Adapter port on either side the network Goes in one way and if you're going to Plug it into a PC direct you can plug it Through the other Port you can only use One or the other not both you can't use Lan and Wi-Fi and the USBC the power Tapped and Wi-Fi tapped so you can plug It in either side without that problem It's interchangeable depends on your Setup what's better for your Layout um I made a mistake initially While trying to configure it I had the Had my Lampo plugs in and the Wi-Fi dep Plugs in and I couldn't get the setup to Work then I figured out figured out Eventually okay the audio is slightly Out sync have recorded separately CU Audio got messed up So uh let me just move it bit Forward so yeah this mini device is Actually a size of of an iPhone I Think um it's very small miniature Aluminium very smart looking device and It's got one USBC Port just for the Power and then one for the uh Antenna got a little vent on the front There okay let's go let me See spec so a very light device it's Very Small this one go is a maximum one 1 GB 1,000 megabytes got 64bit

CPU very good range in the Box you get The device you get the Wi-Fi adapter but In the new one you get the double Adapter you get a UK plug or us plug or EU plug depending on where you're Ordering it to you get a network cable You get a USBC power cable and you get The Instruction booklet with a QR code to Read get the full Manual excuse Me okay you can both be bringing your Own USBC cable if you need a longer one But I was fine with a standard Cable Okay so you do occasionally get these Popups with uh with vouch if you C on Link below should actually get a 5% Discount but um yeah sometimes it works Sometimes it doesn't I'm don't know if It's time Limited double check it might Not work on your device yet cuz it's not Launched but I have to see so this is Not a VPN it's better than it's better Than a VPN this is privacy it's on your own Network and um yes it's got all these Options I show you in the dashboard Later on Multi rting and smart routing For example if you open if you got a set Up to run Netflix through a US you're in The UK you want to run on a US account a US IP you could smart rout that when to Text Netflix URL it will run it through

The US a US service and so on and same With for example F1 or Premier League or Whatever you Want um okay so it's all say it's low Cost there a onetime fee and that's it You've got it for life it's very stable It's very smart and they do regularly Updated Software so it's always up to date There's no subscriptions you know have To pay for un Blocking it's got a lot of uh security Which is built In and it is literally Plug and Play so As long as you don't make the mistake I Did plugging in the Lan and the Wi-Fi it Is just plug and Play and also it's decentralized so There's a it's it's B it's not based in One location one Server and you get and it's got got so Many devices out there you connect Pretty much anywhere in the World I'm me just smart routine multi Routine you can even do blockchain Mining but I'm not investing time into That yet so the one I've got is on the Right the deic mini a 64bit four core 1 Gabit um 2 gig memory that's the weight And so on you get all the Features the air version is a travel Version so that's smaller it's Max for 300 megabit but it's good for travel So what you it will connect the Wi-Fi

Connect to the Wi-Fi and then you could Broadcast the Wi-Fi sorry sorry it connect the Wi-Fi And then you can um use it To use Wi-Fi on your mobile Device okay so this is the actual Dashboard itself so you see the IP Address 34 34 34 34 so this has me logged In so let me see so so now I've got it Disabled so now everything's running Right by my local IP so I can't use as a Normal rout and just have have it Connected my Wi-Fi connected to this and Everything running by my local IP so I'm Based in the UK everything's going by my UK standard IP address for slack Spotify Netflix whatever you Want okay this is the actual main Dashboard so you can see some of the Routing options I Had I'll connect them to a service in Malaysia and Us in Canada as Well all these options on the left all Different settings on the right it keeps Track Of um what it's doing and who's connect Who's connecting to you if you have en Connection you don't have to but it's Better to and also helps you with mining Then you can actually make some money Out of this a lot of people are doing That as well but as of here I'm not Really looked into that and my home

Collection is not brilliant Anyway so until I get five I probably Might be doing too much sharing of my Network okay so let me go through bit by Bit so System so I've got set to auto update Cuz initially when I installed it it Wasn't auto updating so I had to update It manually it's very low mem CPU Usage the device does run pretty Cool okay okay so let's I think I'm Going to go to mode now let's See okay so this is the screen from Earlier so you got smart route or full Route so smart route Is if you go through one of my Pre-selected favorite networks so Western Europe I think I got up as uh Germany so if I want I can run my Traffic or certain traffic or selected IPS or selected uh we websites through Certain countries certain Destinations Okay the full route is I can run Everything through uh through one Destination so in this example Everything's running through North America so I think I've got this set as Canada yeah Canada Yeah click apply give it a second if it Does disconnect for any reason the kill Switch will kill all Internet still like go back and then Join another device if I need to another

Another DPN okay tunnel so this is the Actual options so it shows you what Devices are available so you can see on The left here the Region on just after say country the Number of active IPS active Devices uh you can switch IP and you can Reinitialize the tunnel so let me do a Quick speed test here this is Canada I'm Based in UK and now I've got everything Running through Canada so my internet average is about 30 8 to 45 megabits Download So for this Canadian One we'll see what it's Like the Ping is not brilliant 143 but The speed it's about 15 in my opinion Anything around 10 and above is good Good enough to Use obviously not for gaming it can be If few local ones but for me just use Internet and I do a lot of SEO stuff Where I need to be in different Locations and this is much better than Using vpms or Pro because it's cheaper It's more reliable and I'm in more Control than I'm than I'm with the other Surfaces if you ever bought residential Prox they're very expensive so what you Can do you can switch IP so what it does It collects like three three or four in A pool if you do switch active IP or Switch another service if you do refresh It will get you a new pool of

Ips so just say for example youve tried One or two in that pool they're not Working just to refresh it will grab Some more and give you give you Something from that pool I like that it Has a few ready for you in the pool so Just Cas you do need to do a quick Switch it'll switch quickly so now you Can actually see some of the countries That I've been working with UAE Canada Switzerland Mexico Malaysia iing another Speed Test uh I believe it's also Canada again Cuz I switched IP and I think I switched The pool as well also hiding the IP cuz I don't want to show you the uh IPS okay Ping is a little bit higher speed is About average it's about 14 I've had many that are full speeds About 35 to 45 also it depends on the availability On the day and if it's Peak or Not so we got South America so we could Argentina for Example add the country and it will do Research see if any Available okay so it's got three in Argentina that's picked up giv me a Pull there you see switch land China Germany oops switched It so now you see in this list I can Choose send everything to Argentina UAE Switzerland so whatever You whatever countries you added

Visually from the previous list you will Add those countries to your list and you Can just choose to run traffic through a Country so in my case for example I do SEO work for companies and Individuals um I local I run it through Their country's IP to make it more Authentic and it helps this domain Config I'm not really messed around with Too much but you can run a domain Through a certain Location so for example if you're doing Local work foro you want to run local Traffic to a website you can run local Traffic it's not going down to City yet But it's gone to local country which is Better than Proxies so I'm not really too much uh Experimentation with this yet but it's Just straightforward just Ed the URL and Choose a tunnel and Add giv an example you can run IP sorry IP the second one qu and this Is this is The uh the app relocated so if it Detects Netflix Disney crunchy roll peot ESPN all those Apps you can choose to run it through a Different country so if you got smart Routine on this is what this is what it Uses it uses your choice Here so if you want to watch something That's an American Netflix and not on UK Netflix you can run it

Through um the smart smart router and It'll run it through the US Netflix this also works well for Subscriptions it's really little trick To get cheaper Netflix and cheaper YouTube premium cheaper Spotify by going To different countries how you can see I'm in Netflix Canada C CA on the End because I've got M set full rout in Canada you can subscribe to YouTube to Title Spotify and NBA league pass and if They do if direct sorry if deeper Network do have Some options for getting cheaper Subs I'll put a link there and they tell you How to do it give you a little guide You see for YouTube they've got Ukraine As an option with a big Discount you can get cheaper Flights this normally running it through India or through countries in Asia in messaging I'm not really messed With these but again you can run these Through different Countries and music app same one of the Different Countries you just sport movies popular So On I watch a lot of F1 so if I might to Subscribe to F1 I can't subscribe in the UK because Kai Sports had the contract Here but I could get the F1 app in in Canada and get all of the Um F1 stuff

Streamed for a cheaper price of Sky Sports it's $84 for a Year and that's for the full package Sky Sports you're looking about 50 60 pound A Month so yeah if you're an F1 fan this Is Insane I always see the Americans and The Canadian on Tik Tok sharing the F1 App on how good it is and so on So that's the equivalent of50 for one Year of F1 Streaming so the device pays for itself In one Purchase so yeah that's that's a pretty Good deal There but same with football and all Sorts of stuff you can do that as So CBS Sport ESPN Super Sports That's probably quite cheap with it's Turkish I Believe and they get a lot of the Premier League and the Champions League Football okay you got ad blockers so This will block ads will block trackers Block Malicious uh you can block adult content And so On so I already had rning for a little While look how much stuff it's blocked Queries ads so Much who who who who likes being tracked And

So on so you can Uh filter ads on these platforms as well App web iOS Android printer controls Block Pawn block social Media Security I'm not really best around that Too Much mining again I'm not really do like Anything with this Yet you have to make wallets and so on And I'm not into crypto but this is a Good option to Mining this your Transactions this is p the setting so This is the Wi-Fi Setup so the device gets his Wi-Fi from UT so it goes from your modem but the Cable goes into the deeper Wi-Fi that You connect your deeper Wi-Fi to your Computer via Wi-Fi which is the best Option or via cable if going into one PC Wi-Fi is the best option that you can Connect multiple Devices so I can do some work on my Phone on my iPad on my laptop and on my PC I've got multiple little PCS here a Couple of little servers or test PCS That I use for S work I connect them all Via Wi-Fi to the deeper Wi-Fi Network so that's why the new the new Upgraded deeper connect mini is even Better with the Dual dual Antenna but to be honest if all in my Office it's all fine so you can do this

You have you can enable or disable Sharing bit T sharing you can set Bandwidth limits and monthly sharings if You got a limited account you can set That I think most of them un limited Now um let me See sharing filter so let's click on That One so you can uh filter Websites a log traffic I'm not sure what rust desk is Administration reboot device system so You see the current firmware Version and IP and so on you see we Connected to another Canadian one so We've got a second green arrow on the Top there going to the other side of Canada so the green ones are our Connection and blue on I think are Shared connections if I'm getting it Right I believe So yeah so that was my slightly take Review of the deeper Network mini VPN DPN Even and you get this by the link Below um depending on which device you Order you may get a 5% discount but if Not just wait for a popup and you get a $5 or $20 Discount now if you're doing any work in SEO if you're doing anything with ads or If you just want to save some money on Netflix or YouTube or so on this is an Amazing little device to get it's better

Than VPN cuz you're paying a one off Cost you'll save a hell of a lot of Money also has more privacy you got more Control and it runs on your network and You have control locally and you Cann Multiple devices hope you find it Useful give me a like give me a comment Below and thanks for watching bye-bye

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