Packetstream Review Cheap Residential Proxies

Packetstream Review Cheap Residential Proxies
Get Packetstream here:

Packetstream is a cheap and reliable source for residential proxies.

I have been using Packetstream for years and have found the service to be generally reliable.

The way it works is, you can earn credit but having an app run on your home PC in the background, this will allows others to connect and use your residential IP.

As an end user, you can choose a country then choose a random IP or sticky IP and enter the given details and connect.

I use it for mainly SEO apps and social media accounts. This is an alternative to Deeper Network I reviewed earlier here:

00:01 Introduction
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In this video I'll be doing a fairly Brief Review of packet stream packet Stream is a residential proxy Network Proxy provider but the difference is you Can buy bandwidth up front or you can Generate bandwidth by becoming what they Call a Packer and the way it works is you Download a uh an app it runs in the Background and it Allows other people to use your IP Address Um as their proxy and in return you get 10 cents per gigabyte so slowly slowly Over time this builds up there was a Point where I used to leave it on one of My old PCS let it run all the time and I Didn't put any credit on back stream for Well over a Year and that was with some some SEO and Some other Usage um or you can buy bandwidth for $1 Per Gig and then you can access Pro resid Proxes from locations around the world I Use mostly USA Canada and UK so on on the main page this a bit About how it works And so On qu verification price comparison so On I use it with uh with my various uh Browser profiles I use it with SEO Tools um all sorts of applications Wherever you can use a pro you can use

Pack Stream some of this stuff I may need to Blur but so this is the main dashboard So how much you used in the last 14 days How much you sold you're available fund And so On uh so download is where you download The actual App it's just for windows at the Moment this page I need to Blur but basically this is your proxy Access so you can have https proxy HTTP Proxy or socks Pro socks 5 Proxy you CH a random Country USA Canada UK and all these countries Here you can have randomized IP or Sticky IP and you can have D Sorry DNS host name or IP host Name okay so I'm just pick USA so let me BL some of this but then You your the proxy IP the proxy Port the port is always 31111 your Username and your long password and Inside that password it contains a Country and also the states I believe is Sticky or Whatever and you give some other Examples as well but I won't go too far Down I'll have to blow Everything so you can use that inside Your SEO apps or your browser profiles Or Whatever uh and normally I do in this For my IP host name so IP host name

Colon Port colon username colon password And password the long Password okay so yes so what I what I Found is that of course it depends on on The uh on the host PC if it's a good Connection or so on it's normally pretty Reliable um depending on what I'm doing I use randomized IP or sticky IP uh most is for sdo stuff for browser Profiles and it's been fairly good I've Used it to create quite a few Gmail Accounts and just to do various tasks And it's being pretty reliable and it Servic is a lot cheaper than some of the Other big Providers and if you got a spare PC and You've got decent connection you can Actually not pay any money by just Generating um credit to Use that's also a bonus so yeah do the Link for this down below highly Recommend it and I'll see you in the Next one

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