Who am I and what is the site all about?

My name is Furhan and I am passionate about WordPress, affiliate marketing, internet marketing tools and making money online via passive income.

My background

I fell in love with computers and technology during the late 90’s, I made a life changing decision near the end of the 90’s that really opened my eyes.

I had saved enough money to buy a scanner, I don’t know why but I really wanted a scanner. Before the days of Amazon, I had to physically go to a shop and buy one.

That shop was the now long gone Software Warehouse. On the day I planned to purchase the scanner, a college friend told me about something magical called a modem.

Long story short, many screechy lines, dials ups, ISPs, I fell in love with the internet and the possibilities it presented.

After spending 4 years on a tough Computer Science degree at University then going straight into work with my family, I needed to find something that gave me some passive income and eventually give me freedom and time.

Introduction to ecommerce

In early 2000 I started my own very niche ecommerce store, it was the first in the country in that niche and I was pretty chuffed with myself.

After a few years and several ups and downs, I stopped trading and opted to sell on eBay and Amazon instead.

I started several eBay stores and Amazon stores, I did reasonably well for a one man operation whilst working full time 6 days a week.

In the end I got fed up dealing with customers and packing orders, it was very tedious and time consuming.

Affiliate marketing

I the late 2010’s (not sure what the official names is for that, 10’s?), I started hearing about Amazon affiliate commissions, I started promoting products and made a few niche websites.

I eventually sold some of these sites, very cheap, and started to seek out more profitable products to market.


That brings me to today and this site, I have spent literally thousands of pounds & dollars on courses, products and training.

I have developed a professional friendship with many top marketers that I know I can trust and seek out for advice.

I am now in a position to promote the products I want to promote and offer amazing products to my site visitors and my email list subscribers.

This site is under construction bit will by the base for my product reviews and free training products.

Thanks for reading and link up, sign up the the email list and subscribe on YouTube.