Speechelo Review and Demo | ElevenLabs Alternative

Speechelo Review and Demo | ElevenLabs Alternative
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Speechelo is a fantastic text-to-speech (TTS) cloud based service offering 30+ fantastic voices int he front end and even more realistic advanced AI voices in Pro.

In this video, I demo the standard and pro voices.

You can use commercially or personal, on TikTok, YouTube, Podcasts or wherever you want.

The front end service is on offer for just $37 at the moment.

This is a genuine ElevenLabs alternative without the high pricing.

If you have been stung by AppSumo vendors closing down services, this is a tried and tested service. I have had it for 4+ years.

00:01 Speechelo Review
00:24 Why use Speechelo
01:39 Speechelo info
04:00 Speechelo features
04:30 Speechelo dashboard
05:10 Speechelo Demo
06:15 Standard vs Pro voices demo
09:20 Voice generation demo
11:40 Audio file merging
12:45 Speechelo review conclusion

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In this video I'm going to be reviewing Spe Cello this is actually an updated Version from the release that I Purchased about four years ago now I'll Be honest I I purchased it but I never Actually got around to using It and since then I've been stung Recently by a few absum mod deals that Went burst I'll talk about that in Another video I'll probably link to on The screen or down below but this is a Very good reliable option if you're Looking for cheap and very good Qualities text to speech Services and why I use text to speech Now I don't have the clearest voice I Know for me is it's it's ideal if I want To convert some blog post into a an Audio file or have some uh voice over For YouTube I can even create a podcast That have a blog post and also get some Backlinks that way SEO and because I don't have the Clearest uh clearest speech this helps And also if English isn't your first Language Or you not speak it clearly then this is A very good option now you can always go By the route that I've tried which is Going via Amazon poly and Azure and Google Cloud it gets very fiddly and Complicated and it's better if you know A bit of coding but just gets a bit gets

A bit annoying and it's very time time Consuming this takes seconds to do and Actually generates audio really quickly Surprisingly quickly even faster than The other premium Services I paid for And and you get a plethora of voices Male and female different countries Different languages you get standard Voice AI voice and so on let me just Quickly jump to the uh sales Page so uh the link below will take you To the sales Page um so I think you get let me just See so you get 23 languages in the Standard uh front end package you get 30 Male and female Voices you can also add also add Inflections and other options to the Voice depending on what the what options Are available for that voice you can Download it and use it in Camtasia Adobe Premere animaker whatever you want I'm Using Camtasia and I'm also going to use it For Tik Tok as Well you just paste your text choose the Voice generate and Download they've gone off run at the Moment it's $37 for the uh front end package it's a One time price you access get access all 30 standard Voices okay there's a couple of uh Testimonials there there's a couple of

Samples here let me just uh can I mute My Mic okay let me see what I can do let me Press play hello today going one of Thechnology that is able to transform Any text into speech and such natural Way that it's tough to tell for some Played that anyway I'll show you inside The dashboard itself You can sample all the voices Here then we got a whole list of the Voice all the Voices gives some more information um Some more sales pitchy Stuff these voice actually really good They're not all robotic some are a Little bit roboty but a lot of them are Really good now I highly recommend if You can afford it and you've got the Budget for it upgrade to the pro package I'll show you the difference in a second But let me just quick L run through the End of This I believe the pro package is $47 a quarter so every 3 Months I'm not sure if that's old price Or current price I'd have to double Check it but that is worth it because it Helps them develop the uh service and Keep it ongoing and also you get access To loads of really good Voices create a 10 minute voiceover in 10 seconds yeah it's very very fast So 30 voices online text breathing and

Pauses 23 languages voice tones you can Change your speech and Pitch okay is that the end you get 60-day money bag Guarantee uh and so on okay so I think That's it yes so it's completely Cloud-based so you just copy and paste And yeah just do It so this is the actual dashboard Itself So you can see I've got the spech base Front end plan Pro Plan and the the tube Or YouTube plan I believe that just Allows you to import the uh captions or Text from YouTube videos and create it Into a an audio file but the Pro Plan is Is the minimum you want Really you can see on the right here I've got 269 voices rather than the 30 and what you get now is you get this AI voice which is higher Quality so let me just quickly grab some I'll just do the preview here so let me Show you Standard so Billy Billy Joey stand let Me just quickly print press preview hi I'm Billy I am a native English Speaker okay that's not Bad I don't really go for these kid ones But let's see hi I'm Owen No summer this A pro PRO voice here hi I'm summer I am A native not bad Andrew is quite good hi My name is Andrew I am a native now W is A pro voice but it's AI voice I don't

Know if I can play it good day I'm why Can so you see with the standard voices You get you can add preing emphasize Words adjust Speech so volume speaking rate the pitch You add a pause to to your text you can Emphasize oops emphasize words just Delete That and you can add breathing so uh Does a little breathing Foruse and with AI voice switch Engine so AI voice Um so which one okay why is a good AI Voice good day I'm Wyatt and I'm a so With Wyatt you can adjust the speech Volume speaking rate and you add a pause You get less options but these voices Sound more Realistic so Cooper a good one good day I'm Cooper and I'm a native English Speaker good day I'm Willow and I'm A good day I'm Naomi and I'm a native it Sounds really Good uh meline Female not working for some reason Rosie Is not a pro voice hi I'm Rosie it's Okay Hi um let me see Henry is not hi I'm Henry not Bad let's see what the language is so We' got English British PO is a pro voice uh prop Standard voice AI Voice okay poppy is an AI voice

Hi my name is Poppy I am a native English speaker very good quality hi my Name is Harry standard voice another PRO Voice Alfred good day I'm Alfred and I'm A native British English Speaker it's good not the best but it's Very good English Canadian is there much Of a difference okay they only got a few For Eng Canadian um let me see I don't know any Other languages So French actually sounds Decent aren after aren Wer actually really Good I'm surprised okay let me go Through the top Arabic Arabic Algerian Got different dialects Arabic different T Chinese loads for English Different types of French German and so on so let me give you an Example Of English um English Us let me grab some text this is what I've been using for I've using for Tik Tok and also I'll be using it to convert Blog post into audio Files um to help with SEO and get a bit More traction so let me just copy this Random article Paste it and what they recommend you add Punctuation and you also break up the Text so let me

See Second sorry about that um let me see Where the okay CH this one Here so what I'll do I'll show you Actually how you can merge it so first I'm just Preview uh AI voice and we Choose hi I'm Billy hi my name is Andrew good day I'm CH Why okay so do a quick Preview he then rants about how an Entire ecosystem of content Farms seems Motivated to constantly this is a pre Okay that sounds fine now what they Recommend is if you got a lot of text You split it up into different Files this few sentences should be fine 67 words the maximum limit is 20,000 Characters in one session but I think They recommend maximum 3,000 to help it Process and just help it Flow so just say for example let me just Copy all of this and let me just delete This so generate oh where was it gone Wyatt AI voice Uh we'll leave it Default generate it's really quick That's done see this done here why is Done it shows you some of the text so Now we do the second part control V delete all this and we'll generate go Selected Generate done let's press play he then

Rants about how an entire ecosystem of Content forms seems motivated to Constantly update articles about Printers in response to the incentive Structure created by that robot's Obvious preferences maybe I could adjust A spee and it's Slower Um actually let me try that so let me Set this one this the second One yeah let me take this One okay just spe I'll make it a little Bit Slower okay G voice over Let's see the difference in this one now Pointing out that incentive structure And the culture that's developed around It seems to make a lot of people mad Which is also touch slower now what you Can do is you can merge them so if you Do if you got Multiple uh audio bits that you've done You just quickly merge your merge Selected and then you just choose the One that you want in order you want if They're in different order the new merge Files give a new Name demo W mer files done really quick now play He then rants about how an entire Ecosystem of content Farms seems Motivated to constantly update articles About printers in response to the Incentive structure created by that

Robot's obvious Preferences pointing out that incentive Structure and the culture that's Developed around it seems to make a lot Of people mad which is also Interesting yep the whole thing about How seos and Google ruined the Internet done see that was really simple And you can download it and do whatever You want with it it's got the date and Time the maximum characters and so on You can also use this one to move them Up and down I think what can you do or You can delete sorry Delete so that was my uh fairly quick Review of Spello a you been stung recently by any Of these Dodge Sumo deals I highly Recommend getting this because you see The quality is really good you got a 60-day money back Guarantee and even the base plan which Is on offer now for $37 I think I paid More when I bought it you get 30 of the Standard voices but the upgrade for pro Is really good cuz you get the AI voice AI voices you can see I've got 269 across all the languages so this is A really good package also let me show You this as well so just say for example You got different s or you're doing Client work CU you you got full Commercial Rights or you're doing gigs or something

You can have different campaigns here You can have clients here just say I'm Doing voice over for one site I can have Site name in here everything's on that Site all this saved in the Cloud and you simply just download your Audio use it wherever you need to Tik Tok YouTube Camtasia Premier Pro and that's it it's ready to go sorry That's my server restarting So yeah I hope you find that useful it Is a really good option for text to Speech this is a lot of headache and Hassle of doing it manually and the Price is really good so hope you find it Useful there's link down below and Thanks watching

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