How to use Cloudflare Turnstile with WordPress [Tutorial]

In this tutorial I will show you how to quickly add Cloudflare Turnstile to WordPress using a fre plugin.

Turnstile is a great alternative to Google Recaptcha and is free to use.

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In this quick tutorial I'm going to show You how to use cloud flare Turn Style Instead of Google Recapture there's many reasons to Consider Cloud flare Turn Style it's Easy to integrate it's a very nice Alternative to Google recapture it's Fast and it's uh it's got more Privacy uh you can just search for cloud Flare test if you want to read more About it but this is basically the cloud Flare box similar to Google Recapture but no annoying image to click And so On and without getting too technical cuz I don't know all the ins and outs but it Does analyze traffic and so on and it It's got different settings where you Can make it more secure less secure and So on but I'm using it for a little While and I really like It I've got a demo website here and I've Got my cloud flare control panel now you Will need to add your website to Cloud Flare which is very easy I think I've Got a video on that I'll link it below Or put it in a card Somewhere but make sure your s is with Cloud flare first and it's activated Ready to go like this one Is and then you click on Turn Style from The main Cloud for control panel I'll Probably need to blur some of This add

Site Um Demo demo T doesn't matter what you call it then You find your domain So I can't Spell okay find Website and then for here you can have The widget mode as Managed non interactive or Invisible um invisible does not require Any interaction so just look for the Traffic uh non interactive Is um they'll see the widget but it Won't load a bar and manage I want the Default setting managed so I'll show What that looks like so now just like With Google recapture you get a site key And a secret key so now we go to WordPress go to plugins add New there's a nice free plugin Available just put in Turn Style it's This one Here so install Now Activate Okay so now we just need to Copy our settings over so site Key contrl C and secret Key okay theme light darker Auto Language auto detect appearance mode Always interaction only I like to Disable submit button until the thing

Been Verified you can also white List um and I like to enable it second G On I like to enable on all forms so we Press log register reset password Comment and you can also integrate it With woocommerce Easy Digital downloads P membership Pro contact form 7 all These Forms MailChimp I think we added a few Here Elemental form MailChimp members member press WP Members and so On let's click save changes now you see It's almost done says verifying Success a test response and that's it All success while Working so now let me log Out oops ni is verifying Success so I'm just log in as normal now Might need to blow This and that's it turn installed so if I had a contact form for example and It's in that list you would include the Turn Style in that as Well and let's see if it actually shows Anything in Here let me just blur some of This It okay it's not updated the data Yet once on my site um I'll show you a Little bit it shows you the visitor Solve rate the API solve Right okay let me picked up anything yet

Okay here we Go so this analytics for the one I just Installed I say say four challenges Issued four Unsolved someone get off my site already Admin hyphen test WordPress hyphen login Interesting So B I just I literally bought this Domain about an hour Ago and already it's probably spaming The main but already people are getting After it so anyway that's Interesting that's why I always suggest You install any of these login programs And Security so yeah that's that quick demo About 5 minutes very easy to install Highly recommended of course try it First try the variations in the C FL Settings see what works best for you Hope you find it useful see you the next One

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