Ezy MultiStores Review

In this Ezy MultiStores review, I will highlight the main features of Ezy MultiStores and how it will help you make money by quickly launching affiliate stores based on any niche without WordPress, plugins or hosting.


22nd August 2020 @ 11am Est / 4pm UK

Ezy MultiStores Review

Ezy MultiStores is a complete solution for quickly launching affiliate stores using 5 of the biggest online retailers:

  • Amazon
  • Ebay
  • Walmart
  • Bestbuy
  • AliExpress
Ezy MultiStores Affiliate Product Stores

Ezy Multistores is so easy to setup, you can create a store in almost any niche in literally minutes and have a URL ready to promote offering affiliate products.

Ezy MultiStores is a complete authority ecom affiliate store builder that does not require technical skill or knowledge, just pick a niche and launch a store.

The system even has integrated traffic sources utilising social media to create traffic for your ecom affiliate store and products.

How can you use Ezy MultiStores?

Ezy MultiStores is a complete system offering a custom sub domain or adding your own full custom domain, hosting, product searching and importing, customer notifications, social media traffic, analytics and more.

One simple use that came to mind is launching multiple stores in various niches before Black Friday, if you add content to the store with the custom pages feature, you may be able to rank the store in Google and therefore steal traffic from your competitiors.

You can even create stores for small and obscure niches just to test the market and use the social media traffic to generate interest. There is nothing to lose and with the little time it takes to setup, you can genuinely set and forget and still make money!

Ezy MultiStores Custom Domain Setup

You can use a free custom subdomain or even better, use your own custom domain. Simply change the A records at your domain registrar (GoDaddy for example) and point to the given server IP and hey presto, your store is on your domain!

To give your store a more legitimate feel, there are pages for contact, about, terms and conditions but you can also add your own pages which is highly recommended as they will help you rank the stores.

How much is Ezy MultiStores?

Ezy MultiStores is $29 at launch, pricing will increase after the launch period so if this interests you, grab it now!

The other upsells are optional, they add benefit to the front end product and can be purchased only after purchasing the front end offer.

Ezy MultiStores Pricing

  • Front End Ezy MultiStores: $29
  • OTO 1: Ezy MultiStores Premium: $49
  • OTO 2: Ezy MultiStores DFY Ecom Affiliate Stores: $149
  • OTO 3: Ezy MultiStores Unlimited Traffic: $95
  • OTO 4: Ezy MultiStores Resellers Licence: $197/$297/$497

Front End Ezy MultiStores

The front end of Ezy MultiStores gives you full access to the store creator, product search and backend of the system.

OTOs and Upsells for Ezy MultiStores

OTO 1: Ezy MultiStores Premium

The premium upgrade offers more customisation features, themes and additional features.

OTO 2: Ezy MultiStores DFY Ecom Affiliate Stores

The DFY ecom affiliate stores offer a selection of prebuilt stores with categories and products already optimised for selling and ready for import into your stores. Various popular niches are available.

OTO 3: Ezy MultiStores Unlimited Traffic

The unimited traffic upsell offers traffic options that will enable you to make more sales.

OTO 4: Ezy MultiStores Resellers Licence: $197/$297/$497

The resellers licence allows you to resell Ezy MultiStores at your own price and keep all of the commission.

The pricing is $197 for upto 150 licences, $297 for 500 licences and $497 for unlimited licences.

This is a great upsell as you can market the features of the store and sell to your clients or other affiliate marketers and sell for your own price, say $5-10 or $47 and make MASSIVE profits without the headache of hosting or dealing with any of the setup.


Is Ezy MultiStores worth it? I believe Ezy MultiStores is currently the best and most complete affiliate ecom store available. After many years of WordPress affiliate store experience, I believe this is a very simple and fast solution to get your store to a point where you can promote it without having the worry of hosting.

For once, I believe all of the upsells are superb. Each upsell adds extra value to the front end and can make this a real money making machine.

Overall, I highly recommended Ezy MultiStores, even if you have never run an e-commerce store, this is a complete system.


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