AI Wise Mind Review + Full Demo [1hr Video]

AI Wise Mind Review + Full Demo

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In this video I will review AI Wise Mind and give a full demo with sample content.

Ai Wise Mind is a new AI content creation tool with lots of other features to make creating sites and content that rank and earn commissions.

00:01 Introduction

Revolutionize your content creation process with AI Wise Mind. Effortlessly generate optimized long-form articles and product reviews. Seamlessly integrate with WordPress for easy content management. Read our in-depth review now!

The benefits of using AI Wise Mind are immense. It not only simplifies the content creation process, but it also streamlines content management by connecting your WordPress websites directly to the platform. This means that your content will be automatically synced, posted, edited, and updated across all your websites without any manual effort. However, the drawbacks of not owning AI Wise Mind are apparent – you would have to spend hours creating and managing content manually, which can be a labour-intensive and time-consuming task.

AI Wise Mind sets itself apart from other AI tools on the market by using sequential prompts to generate unique and comprehensive pieces of content. By adhering to Google’s guidelines for informative and product review posts, AI Wise Mind ensures that each piece of content is rich in depth and character. The tool is also SEO optimized, and strategically structured with H1, H2, and H3 titles and subtitles, which helps in achieving high rankings on search engines.

Beyond content creation, AI Wise Mind streamlines the workflow by directly connecting WordPress websites to the platform. This allows for automatic syncing, posting, editing, and updating of content, making content management smooth and efficient.

Automatic Content Creation and WordPress Integration
AI Wise Mind enables you to effortlessly create long-form informational articles, and product reviews, and even set and forget Amazon reviews. The tool eliminates the labour-intensive process of content creation by autonomously crafting compelling content, integrating media, and seamlessly incorporating affiliate links. This saves valuable time and effort, allowing you to focus on other aspects of your affiliate marketing strategy.

Moreover, AI Wise Mind offers a Site Wizard feature that simplifies the creation of new WordPress websites. You can easily set up essential pages, categories, and primary WordPress plugins to streamline the website creation process. By integrating your WordPress websites with AI Wise Mind, you can enjoy automatic scheduling and content publishing. The ability to categorize websites into organized groups for targeted campaigns adds further convenience.

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Get AI Wise Mind here:

In this video I'm going to be reviewing A new AI tool called AI wise mind you Can get it at try I'm going to try and split this video Into two sections the first section is My bonuses the overview and a small Review but the main section is going to Be an actual demo of me using the tool On a live site and also I'm going to Show you the back end of it how it works And the sort of content that it can Generate Okay so if you go to uh try Or click on the link below it's an Affiliate link thank you very much Purchasing And if you buy by that link I'll send You some of my bonuses now I've recorded A couple of videos recently Um that I think will help you with this Uh with this tool Okay so the first video is an Amazon Affiliate research video so I'll show You how you find good Amazon niches Amazon products Another video is unlimited content using A technique that I've learned and I've Used Another couple of videos on WordPress And how to secure a WordPress site WordPress performance and so on And I've got another two Amazon Affiliate videos where I show you how to Find affiliate products and do research

And the last bonus is limited Um I'll give you I'll do research for You For any keyword you want for any domain that you can buy at Wholesale price So you don't get ripped off paying a Thousand dollars for a stupid uh blah Blah domain Um I use my my knowledge I use my tools To find you a perfect domain I'll Probably give you a little 100 maybe Even up to a thousand depending on the Keyword And it can be a DOT Whatever you want but it's limited to The first few I'll put a number on the on the bonus on The bonus page itself All you do is fill in the form send me Your keyword or keywords and I'll find You the perfect domain you can buy Wholesale simple as that because I know Myself from experience I own a couple Hundred domains it can be really hard to Get the perfect domain for your project So with this free service I'm offering You which normally pay for a service You can find well I'll find you the Perfect domain Okay let me get into the overview of What AI wise mind really is it's about My mouthful to say Okay so this is yet another AI tool but

I'll be honest with you I think this is the best of the Lots so Far And I heard about it for a while from From Chris and I started to Beta a month Or so ago I think I was in one of the Early users And it's been fascinating to see the Progress here about this but actually Using it seeing the output and just Thinking about the potential I'm even thinking about upgrading my Package I went for one of the lower Packages just to test it out see how it Works Once I finally go out to using it I think it's been pretty incredible and I could just see myself Just smashing our posts and website Endlessly because this is really a Unique tool So the overview the basics of what it Does Um you've got options to create content On the fly on autopilot Auto post your WordPress tags and so on It can create different types of content You have informational posts so For example how to Treat ear pain You can have a product review so The five best earphones or you have a Roundup oh sorry sweet after that's Around now the five best earphones and a

Product review so you can pick a product On Amazon or ClickBank or any product Place or site you want Put the details into the uh the app and It will it will give you a massive very Wordy very well optimized post And I'll show you later on the demo how Good it is because I was blown away by How good the content really is Because I do use chat GPT I use the Open Eye playground I use All these tools I had Jarvis or Jasper For a long time Um I've got uh Zim writer I've got There's so many tools loads of tools I Even for one recently I'm not gonna revealed yet because I'm Still testing it But I think this might actually be Better than that one and that one I Bought I paid a lot of money for a Lifetime dude but anyway that's the Different that's a different thing So from their sales page it will create Long form SEO friendly content Now in the Facebook group Um there's a lot of examples that he's Given where Chris has given where he Shows the rankings that Google call them Indexes them it ranks Across even brand new domains He shows the content of the post the Type of post I don't know it's just really I've not

Seen anything like this Um let me see so he says wrong wrong Form product reviews certificate Amazon Reviews Which I thought honestly I've had tools Before that say this I'm not going to Name them because I don't want to diss Them but There are some tools that just so bang Average and it was just so dead but now With GPT 3.5 and 4. You can get some amazing content written And with the right prompts which is what This tool does it has the problems it Does multi-prongs and it just gives you Such amazing content it's completely Readable And if and it ranks Uh create reviews for any affiliate Products which is true because I've Tried it myself You can also set up WordPress sites this Is a good feature for people who I suppose like myself who always I've Got plenty of Hosting packages got Unlimited hosting I've got VPS hosting Shared hosting And like I said I've got 200 plus Domains and It can be a pain to go in manually and Add the about test page contact page Terms and service you have to have all These Pages for Google to set your real Site

To give you a bit of authority And also it makes you look authentic and So on But doing that for each side does take Time now what I like in this software Because I know Chris is an avid domain By he has a lot of domains he does a lot Of creates a lot of content This has got a feature where where once You Um actually uh activate a WordPress site He goes through the process how to add The uh the details into the app itself And this will go and add the correct Plugin plugins that you need or don't Need but that it recommends to get Started And it will add those pages and it will Make you look like a real site in like I Don't know maybe a minute two minutes Something like that maybe a bit longer Maybe a couple of minutes but it just Does it all for you and all you have to Do is just work from within the app To uh smash out the post and the posts Really do look good Um you can manage and edit your posts From you can do it from within the app Itself So you can add images you can change the Text around add titles whatever you want Or you need a WordPress and a feature I Like is that even though you said Auto Publish you can set it to draft pending

Or straight publish So it depends how sensitive you are for Me a lot of my sites I just want to Knock out the contents I just set it Straight to publish You can do whatever you want you can Schedule your content so you can say do One post a day do three posts a day or Do one post to one side five posts to Another site all depends on your plan Limits And how much risk you want to take now I Think they recommend doing my two or Three posts a day Which is fine Um your auto embed video image and Amazon links now um I wasn't too Keen originally on adding Other people's videos But um it's on your page it's another Feature for for Google to give you a Plus point So it's not really a problem but if I've Got videos or if I've got the ability to Make quick videos Then I will rather have my own Channel Videos on there and then I can have a Link in that description also have it a Bit on my site and so on Images it can use Dali to make AI images You can grab images from Google or Product images from the website and so On And Amazon link so you kind of just

Amazon links to any of the Amazon sites So in the settings you set your your Main tag but when you're doing the Actual product listing or the uh get the Context excuse me a second sorry is that Sneeze there Um you can actually set your individual Tag for the product or products and the Marketplace But it will be mostly and Then you can store something like Amazon One link And then you can uh just Target it to Your Geo site or you can use even genius Link Or someone like I'll just use custom Links it's fine it's not a problem Uh create SEO optimized content so far It seems to be doing all right And auto create product review Roundup Which is very good it saves a lot of Time This launching on the 24th of July ATM Eastern which is one let me see I worked it down somewhere 1pm UK time Just lost my bit I think yeah 24th July 1pm UK at him Eastern And like I said if you buy it by the Link down below or try you'll Get access to all of my bonuses Completely free as soon as you purchase There are some demo articles on the Website unedited but I'm going to show You a demo in in a second you'll see

Yourself for yourself how good the Content is Um you can use any networks or ClickBank Warrior plus Amazon jvsu Ition Junction share is still impact and I've never heard of flex offers Okay this is some people in the Facebook Group It goes otherwise different and this is The uh some of the pictures images from The dashboard I'll give that in a second So what can I do so site wizard is what I explained you can connect multiple Sites a limited site I think is You can put the sites in a group so you Can even add a um A uh a client site So the way it works with WordPress is That you can use the existing user but What I prefer to do I set up a new user And I give it some fake writer name And then you have to create an Application password and you connect That one to ai's mind So especially if I was working with the Client side I would do it that way Creating a new user And then I'm uh just so you know it's The right turn this is the Is the app doing it yourself or 10 bit Media content customization Um everyone should have access gpt4 by Now I reckon but I think there was Something that if everybody has been

Over one dollar then you can access now 3.5 is perfect because the content is Really good and it's dirt cheap Um updating content scheduler content Editor article management so on share Articles download articles This is a new feature exciting feature Internal linking This uses a gpt4 which is a bit more Expensive but the the juice that you get From all the posts interlinking with Each other and AI is running it all That is invaluable because I think There's a WordPress plugin a phone why It's called They will charge I think almost 200 or 300 a year For one site or five sites You're getting it at Cost you're just Using your your open AI credit to pay For the gpt4 to uh do the work to look Through the article and use find the Right links Multi-language is important for some People I know some people in the group Were doing in German and Arabic and so On I think Arabic But I know it's German definitely I saw One or two Spanish as well and this one And my YouTube posts Okay I think you mentioned today That's that uh let me see I think that's The end

There's plenty of tutorials in inside The uh Inside the app Let's get to the pricing Okay so like I said I was on the beta Sign up And um I'm on the essentials package I Thought let's start off slow see how it Goes and for a couple of weeks I didn't Use it because I was cooperate some Other tools and I thought let it Spread his wings is basically see how it Goes let me get some feedback from other People and then I'll start using it And yeah I mean I've been blown away It's amazing let me go through the base The base package is the cheapest one now You can start with this one but honestly For the extra 25 dollars This in my opinion this is the one to go For minimum Because of the auto posting and because You can show your posts Auto instead of Video links to review your posts and so On And you get to link it up with Amazon And the issue is for for it to scrape um Amazon stuff it does cost money there's Another software I use over there I think I was paying 10 15 a month extra Just to scrape other websites But with the ai's mind it's all included Inside the essentials or any package Above that

But the base package is perfectly fine To start with you can create 500 Articles a month Which is because you're not doing as Much intensive reason intensive stuff I Guess so you're not using properties and Things I don't know what the Justification is That is quite a big jump 500 articles Because I'm only getting 100. Um so I'm rambling a bit there okay so Yes you can't connect the websites with The base package you can't do the Amazon Product reviews Uh you can't automate the reviews you Can't sync and update you can't also Schedule you don't get a site with a Setup Which is an all essential essential but In my opinion to get the most out of it You do want I know it's a pain to say But you do want the uh Amazon product reviews you do want the Alternative affiliate links you do on Their review posts and even the sync Afterwards is not essential once you Actually try and see how good it is you Do want that feature Let me see standard is exactly the same But yeah 250 articles They have business 500 articles you know Professional one two fifty And so on and so on the largest packages 3000 articles per month

Now I'll be honest with you When they first released surprising I Thought you know is it really worth it Who's gonna do more than 100 articles Per month But once you get into the flow and you Actually see the quality of the content And you see how quickly this stuff gets Picked up by Google and how it ranks and We start getting those commission that's Most importantly getting the commission Then when you get like once your Commissions in Then you're thinking oh I need another Website so if you want another website You can add another three posts a day After eating 200 limit I'll do another website in another niche So before you know you can have 10 20 Sites And you're going to be doing 30 posts a Day so this will be gone in no time So that's what I'm even thinking about Pushing up to the uh 250 or 500 even The 500 actually better value But all again it all depends on your Budget and what you're making I'll be running off too long that's 15 Minutes okay let me end it in this Section shortly There's some more comments from the Facebook group people got results in Days and so on Uh okay it doesn't content detection

Again people get obsessed with this AI Detection I mean the only way the only thing that That would tell me about AI detection is If I was a writer on upwork or something People are paying me to write human Content I'm using AI that would really Make then then I wouldn't want to get Caught But other than that we know Google Doesn't care not doesn't care but it Doesn't penalize you As long as the content's good and helps The user answer the question then it's Not a problem Um yes so you upgrade to angry at any Time Okay now I think you have to be careful With with this with any AI tool Obviously it can't be all inclusive Because you can have one person writing One post a day and one post writing Hundreds a day The amount you pay will all depend on The contest if you cheat if you use GPT 3.5 I I doubt you'll hit more more than a Dollar a day even less than that maybe a Few cents a day If your gpc4 then you're always spending More money it costs between I thought What they said about 10 cents to 15 Cents per article on average because Gpt4 is like the ultimate at the moment

But also there's a cost for that but There's so much content being written by A GPT 3.5 I want to impressive using jupitive when I have to and and so far I've don't Think I've had a need for it Everything's been done in 3.5 and it's Very cheap I'm not paying even 50 cents A month it may be a dollar a month I'm Paying Um you need to bring your own open AI Key yes There's no other rollover no every 30 Days the post is account is reset You can use client sites image rights Okay This is another thing we have to be Careful there is a setting I'll show you Inside the control panel but some of the Images are lifted From the original site from Google and Stuff they're scraped and some are AI Generated if this creeped or whatever You have to be careful maybe credit the Image or just delete it and put in a General image there is an option to add An API key for Pixels I think it is for gone I'll check in the settings But other than that you don't really Want to be Using other people's images without Permission Uh yeah you can look you can connect it

To your existing website and So on you can create 800 1500 or 3000 Word articles and so on Okay so that's the overview so that's The next part of the video I'm going to Give you a tutorial now a live well a Real tutorial Okay so this is the inside of the aiwise Mind app Don't forget you can go to try AI And in affiliate link thank you you get Some bonuses for that Okay so in this this is a new account so Um oh you don't want to test a campaign In here But on the left hand side is the main Main menu main options so you've got Campaigns content all your content lives Uh the connected size your site group Site wizard for setup tutorials settings Uh let me show you the settings I might Just blurry will I no it's all blurred Okay So this is where you add your open AI Key now I've got access to gpt4 so it Says see I've got access to gpt4 If you do get access later on just go Back in here press save and you'll see It changed to gpt4 access Add your own YouTube API key follow this Uh think of a tutorial it's very easy to Get On a YouTube API here that's to bring in

Videos Then you add in your Amazon P-a-p-i I think it is 5K The key the secret key and the ideal Amazon affiliate ID picture in the late One anyway inside the campaign and then You get your pixabay APAC you're not Pixels So you put that in there you press save And save them all Okay so campaigns all of the campaigns You have That are running will have been Completed Content is where all your content lives So inside content each article has got a Unique code here this article number 106 182 that's the title the types it was a Review post That's the number of words two thousand And fifty thousand Mega And actually if you click on the link Below you actually get to see this post Because I put it on my phone reviews Website Because Um I want to test it see how I see how The content looks Internal links I didn't see how many Internal links yet Uh status is done has been completed And so on so if you click on these Little three buttons on the right you Can view the article

You can download it which is handy Because it's downloading HTML formats so You can just put it straight into WordPress or Wix or whichever platform You want You can regenerate which I haven't tried Yet but as soon as we generates it makes It fresh because they'll just run a new Campaign Publish it you can share it Actually what is share do let me click On that Okay because you attract link from Inside the uh Okay that's interesting public I'm not Sure the appointments is Interesting maybe there's future coming Soon Uh campaign will take you back to the Campaign you can edit the article you Can delete it From here you can create a new campaign Or you can export your your things your Content Okay connect sites this makes something Interesting So as a test I just added one of my One of my multiple Affiliate sites I've not worked on in a Long time Um I'll actually show you how to connect a Site in a second but this is just called Wheat Cross evidence and that's the

Domain That's the made up username I made another account to connect this Settings I might hide this Uh actually no students fine yeah so Just putting a site name the actual full Site URL the WordPress username or email And then the group so I just put a demo Group and then the categories are Already there so you can add more Categories So if you go back to your if you add More categories by your WordPress Backend And then you don't see inside AI wise Mind just go to your website click on Sync categories and that will sync it up Again and it'll pick them up It's a good idea to do that So you can edit this or you can start New Let me just carry on and I'll get back To it site group so For example if I had a Group about let me see Fitness They do have some sites and I don't have A site there but anyway and at that site What if I had one for under um Property clients I'll have their sites in here and That'll be a group because it just makes A lot more organized not easier to work With these groups

Site wizard so from here you click on New site wizard obviously on the site You can You know what let me actually Let me connect the site and I'll go Through this because it would be a good Idea to do that It's gonna be a quick pull up my text File the details Okay here's my this is my site it's on a Test server Basically if all the sample posts and All the original stuff here The dashboards all the default stuff So let me go through this process so you See how easy it is and this is what Really Makes me happy with yourself to pull it Um what do I call it AI To site the URL let me just quickly copy And paste it from my text file Suggest that the tests are you on the Domain the admin Details okay I made in A demo account let me show you actually Um let me see I don't know actually the same use okay Actually what I'll do I'll show you how To actually do that this what what I Think you should do I know they don't Say in in their trading But in my opinion that's one thing you Should do It's good to use this so I'll call it

Aiwm Writer Email is whatever At Whatever this domain Talking about being so slow Okay first name Um Dave And generate password Okay fine I'll just do that one I will delete it anyway And we copy this Username Okay make sure you say that as a Is it as an admin Done Do you want to save it so now Okay where are we So now we're enter the username or email So the username was Writer application password this feature I've not used before this is a good I Think it's pretty secure it's a good Security feature They give you a little tutorial here but Just go to your WordPress site click on Users And click on the use that you want to Use so it was this writer account Down to the bottom and where it says Application password Actually one tip it must be on https Beforehand

Because this demo site wasn't such Pretty trained my domain in uh Setting General to https and I had a Certificate installed based on the setup Properly Then you go back to users A test writer And here so you put the names I call it AI wise mind An application password just just so you Know what it is You copy this Go back to ai's mind put that in there I'm just let me just keep a record here I wanted to delete it anyway And there's site group I'll call it the only one demo affiliate And connect now give it a second Straight away connected For some we've had problems but I've had A problem with this so far Now this side is connected So okay a categories I haven't got any Category is sitting there yet Because I can I think you can do it in the other on The other page because that's my site I Did So let me show you the demo between Categories so I'm going to post Categories oh yeah and what you should Do because this site is fresh Let me do category first let's call it I don't know um audio

Equipment Tell me one audio product site The category updated here and it's not In here so we'll go to sync I think you refresh the page There we go audio equipment is done Okay then we go to site wizard let me Let me do because I'm not doing the Setup here I've got any plugins that I'll think about no nothing's here Okay so new site setup It's called that's the test site a site Title I'll call it The audio [Music] Um Garage Side tagline Title site oh no no no do you like that Site tagline we review the best audio Tech And this important because it uses this To create your about us page and some Other pages so just put at least a Sentence in there Oops Audio Can actually review and test the best Audio tech We are experienced now we Have simple hit find a spell Yeah A lot of experience In audio as

Audio Let's see if it uses this this sort of Stuff on there Okay so this is where it gets Interesting so when you set up a new WordPress site you always get let me Show you get the You get the default post which you Always gets background comments on You get the default page Um and you don't have the plugins ready And so on Inside there so let me go back here so What we're going to do with default post Check we'll do for page 3D for plugins The Hello Dolly and accusement Excuse me We want to create an about page contact Page privacy policy disclose disclosure Page and terms of use Using your site description Now because it's just general WordPress You can edit it however you want later On but it's a good starting point To get you off the ground And it will be unique to use some of This content inside the page So now to install plugins this is a big Time Saver classic headset I don't mind Glutenberg but Actually Yeah I'll leave the class together I Like classic widgets Because hello content is fine

Fine I don't use sidekick I use rank Math and I'll use YouTube a Bad Plus Because it gives you responsive video Embeds which is important oops And then I'll create an author bio Like an author name I can't remember Let me see where's my author Actually let me see if it makes an Author bio let me call lyric in my user Different name Call him Steve I see what it does I've not tested this Feature yet I'll do the display name Steve They have another deal on the page go Back Um SEO of any permanent structures I Think you might set permalinks as well Which would be good number of categories This will be interesting Default 8 I'll just do five I don't know What audio stuff it will do but let's do That I think it takes about five minutes The time now is 10 24 pm State is New I'll pause the video here I'll see how long it takes okay it's Been 30 seconds barely and it's really At 50 so it's running That's in the process of doing it that Site is actually a VPS so it's pretty Quick hosting Okay the time now is It took about three minutes

And it's done so let's have a look now This has how the site was My amazing site sample page And so on hello world and blah blah blah Okay now let me just refresh it So now we've got about us contact us Disclosure privately terms of use I Think I did change the title that's why I didn't change this one that's my fault In the settings Airways update cited I didn't do that so I'll do that manually Okay Um let's look at these pages about us About and that's my that's the Description I put in the audio garage That's nice I like that Expert reviews And bias recommendations Now what I like because it's AI based Mr AI backend It there's not a big footprint of every Single site made of this using the same Content It's all very unique because it uses the Content you've put in to make a new Page so I really do like that the audio Camera choices review site This is really professional obviously This stuff you can change to whatever You want the what if There's a real website I like that it's pretty good Contact us self course there's no

Contact form but you can just uh Put away videos as you want here Even this is really unique Because on some demos I saw they had a Phone number and address and all that Just wanted to add the community option To tell your advertising media career Social Media stuff it's really good it's Really cool Very impressed Disclosure Affiliation reviews transparency Affiliate links so on Very important privacy Again very important so these are our Important pages to be should go through As well And just update them and create the Matrix correct because don't forget it's AI doing this Everything is consistent with even that's not my Site but In terms of use again Same sort of thing brilliant Now let's look at the The back end so let's go to post Okay that's gone Um disable comments is running but I Think when you change the settings give Me a second a little YouTube plugin There So we've got classic I need to see the Answer okay we've got classic widgets

Table comments easy table content embed Video plus rank math So in here you want to disable comments Everywhere Okay it's pre-set up that's fine Only for posts okay it's a really Pre-configured Pure4 is this a Big Time Saver doing all This stuff Okay so what else uh Parents theme okay Let's have seen the same as fine And this one Um Okay I'm not really bothered by this Anyway that's fine So that is the site wizard that was so Easy Incredible It took three minutes outside he took All this stuff for me save me all this Time That's the beauty of of of this this Tool because it is literally a tool it's A money making Tool Time saving tool Two important things if you're on a if Your marketer is making money and saving Time and if you can just talk like this Autopilot I mean now you spend 35 minutes watching This video which is crazy it's this long But I had to show this I'm so excited about This the potential of this Um the enemy's showing actual demo but

I've been rambling for long enough let's Get to content that's really let's get To campaign So use that site what's it called a test WM site so we'll do campaigns we'll look At the campaign dashboard now I like some tags build some times down Below So informational posts so in this Example for audio Uh one of my bonuses I give you some Keyword research tips On how to write informational posts and Write find affiliate products and Niche And so on Let me pick one on top of my head let me Turn my fan off here sorry The informational posts so This is a campaign name so uh Add OEM test it will post Um Can Phone cut earphones Effect hearing Okay so the key word is An earphones about tearing Use Q as title now it makes some title Context Um so if you're writing about a product Or a brand or something you can make Sure that it mentions those these things Inside um this box here I'm not 100 sure I don't know if it's on a line by line Basis because when I did my test post I

Put in about three separate lines of Content and it came out perfect so I Think that's how it works Maximum thousand words affiliate links So I'm not going to put any affiliate Links in this one because it's Informational Um Actually I could do I don't see why not Okay let me put this at the tab here Let's see I had a quick look on Walmart let me Just pretend this an affiliate link Uh I think They should be okay I've never shopped I warm up before Okay let's pretend that's my affiliate Link Okay and I wanted to Um Shop now open this aside You have to check price and visit Official website maximum three anchor Link accounts Button closing truth colors Um I'll choose teal You can pick multiple because I've got Three I'll just teal as well Add your own anchors text or image Button now this is good because you can Change the text to whatever you want so I can do something like buy this Headphone now or buy this product now

Or you can put in a URL to have a banner Or to have a button or image that's Really cool a really good feature Again another very unique feature in bed So you can add video embeds it will go Up to YouTube using your YouTube API and It'll search for video meds and images Again it will depend on the settings it Will crawl Google or create AI image or So or get a product image Now image source so Now this is where it gets a bit a bit Tricky I don't think there'd be an issue of Getting this from this website image Um because yeah it depends on the Termination of the affiliate Um so I don't know the moment I don't Know what they do But again always check that first you Have stock images from pixabay which is Fine AI generator images which is fine And Google search images questionable Well I'm not trying this let's try add image Copyright disclosure Now this is Vegas interesting so it's Been updated to GPT 3.5 Turbo 16k There's more data input if you even Better data output but it's giving you a Warning here gpt4 technically the Content is better but it's 10 times more Expensive so what will cost you one cent Will cost you 10 cents the gpt4

Language let's go through this we've got Afrikaans we've got Albanian Arabic Armenian azerbaijani a lot of languages Here Bengali Bosnian Burmese English or English UK that's unique Let's do English UK I don't get excited Because I get fed up changing the Spellings to UK both tests actually see How it works For my review post I didn't actually Checked it the language I left it in English default It'll be good if interesting the default Language actually I'm gonna ask them if You can do that put that in the settings Excel save time creature Hebrew Let me see if they've got Uh The English UK where they're gone It's UK beautiful point of view So this is um there was some discussion In the group between random or whatever But I think the best ones are first Person plural we as are ours or second Person you yours or the first person Plural Because I'm writing guys and engineer I Said we've got a team I think so I'll do That Turn and voice friendly professional Conversational humorous empathetic or Whatever

So Um sorry whatever angry or write the Child can understand I'll just do it as Friendly Content length Um 1500 is perfect because Yes you can rank with with around 250 Words but if you do a lot of words your Portrait ranking I suppose it takes it's It's it's a funny area YouTube minimum 800 words but I always Leave it at media 1500 you can't do Really long as well if you want but That's fine One post Um that post on schedule You can like do One A Day you do every Day Every minute every hour every week only One a week one a month I don't know why You do every year but Maybe if you want to do one by New Year's every year it will do it bang on It will be published But yeah um every every day every week Is fine I wouldn't really push these Ones my plan is not that big anyway And you can do a custom SEO type for Optimized title you can do whatever you Want then you post it straight to WordPress so let's try it actually so I've done this I'll do publish immediately

To Okay I think you could choose your group Here Okay I think okay well I've only got all The same group we'll do the test site And you can choose multiple sites which Is interesting And then straight through you can do Publish pending will draft You can also generate featured image now These aren't always perfect and also Depends on your theme And how that will look so you have to go And check that yourself Auto generate tabs I don't really use Tags ever Auto generate category Um No I've got a category of style it's Actually my category here And internal links it's in beat at the Moment and this is the gpt4 I only have one post so I'm not gonna do That for now but this is a really cool Feature because Um it will go in and look at the post And it will link to post to other posts And just create a whole structure of Internal links which is really good Really cool So I'm going to choose my category as Audio equipment Yeah I think it's picked these up videos On what's new from Right maybe I don't know

Maybe because I chose group maybe delete That Yeah so because you're a group It okay okay yeah okay I see what's Going on yeah so you can it's best to Choose individual site while then group Because I chose a group it showed me Multiple categories But probably only posted one site but Anyway that's that's all they're for Testing tags that I'm bothered with and I will go to create and create another Savings draft so you can just do keep This outline and go back to later on Or you can create let's do create And uh what is the time the time There's 10 40. whoops So now here we go this is what I did Before it's a Content one I've won two Hours ago It was a review of ai's Mind posted Below Um it's not active because it's finished This one is currently active I can't Pause it I want to Uh this informational So I've got content now It's processing it so 20 meter started It it took me last time about uh You see in that in that time in one hour There's been over 400 posts made if it's Going into clinch a lot of potassium is Which is Impressive and this only from the beta

Users Okay now it's publishing let's finish This 2175 words published into this site So right now on this side we have Nothing no posts I beat me too okay Okay let me just refresh it one more Time to show you okay publish so now From here Go straight to the post View Post I want To show you inside the editor Or the editor but this is the post sorry Information opposed that's the target That's the title I made the meta Description it's the body It got a Uh related video We've got a buy Now link introduction importance of the Topic understanding earphones the Different types Popular brands Click to buy you see the bottom it goes To Walmart The effects of loud music The research on Avon usage now because This is technically Medical Always double check and always have Disclaimers in place Unless you're qualified Discuss this but yeah this is a lot of Content here Uh this property of okay this must be Some sort of I don't know what that site

Is But you see it's good that's got a lot There so give you some coverage that You'll at least given credit How to choose the earphones another Image Incredible And so on so this that's a post link This country number two the ID that's The campaign publish and so on So where's the edit button We edit Okay this is the actual content editor So if you don't want to go into WordPress edit it Paragraph heading and so on Bold italic the indentation the Justification the numbered list And the colors highlighted quotation Table all that stuff the links videos Insert media period and so on If I can go here make this one you can Pick if I want to can I Can I change the size Oops another one Okay I buggered that one uh the side Option Yeah maybe not size option but you can Do a lot of other things except for that It's gonna be someone highlighted I do yellow Are you going to edit what you want that You can save changes Instead you're safe okay let's show you

The actual posts Okay that was the buy Tower so let me See if I go back here Uh go back to This one here I don't I've updated what I wanted Because I edited it let me update it now So it's republishing Click refresh done Well it should be the yellow now let's See Done beautiful This you can change whatever you want You can move the video wherever you want And so on This is the post So what it does it puts a buy link near The beginning the first section here Filing randomly in the middle section And then one should be right at the end I think At the end there's one there Tags I don't have any just I'm just Using the default theme so obviously Your theme effects is Big time And that's the featured image I got And this is how it looks on this side so This is This software is honestly mind-blowing It's been So well implemented So easy to use And you can easily go over the plan that

I'm on in no time just by messing about With a couple of sites Um tutorials are plenty of tutorials Resources and all this stuff here FAQs Very useful Let me do one more quick campaign with My other site Okay oh we are 50 minutes already 17 new Campaign so do an Amazon product review Yeah I'll show you inside these details Amazon product review so you get a Single product or multiple products So for single you can add the keyword or An AC or the URL Multiple products you had multiple URLs And it will compare their money just do This magic so do single So name what's it called wheatgrass 8 Plus Test review And let me just pick a random one I Don't know nothing about wheatgrass Would you say this one Um Grab this URL Look back Again And okay an Amazon affiliate ID Let me put a test one in there test it Will be actual Amazon tags so I can't even remember my test one 20 you can choose the Amazon store the Location so mine will be If you have any of these

What you could do if you use genius link Which automatically does a Geography override the the Amazon link And put in the genius Link in here or Any other shares or link whatever you Want or just say for example you want to Review this product It's a wheatgrass thing but you've got To deal with this company Direct So you and they've given you their own Affiliate link so you can change you can Change your link in in here from Amazon To their direct link If you understand what I'm saying So this there so don't override it So ideally with Amazon there they're Quite Particular about the links you have to Give a clear indication that it's on Amazon So um I'll leave it I'll get it on Amazon or even check price we could Another one check price on Amazon Which I will do the color I'll make it The Amazon Orange And let me add my own let's do Check For Amazon I don't know if you use that and now Let's see what happens anyway check Right now then Probably the bloody blur Okay you want to add video embeds maybe Not for this one I don't know but I

Suppose it's good Add images so it will pull images from Amazon Product images stock images A turn off Google image search GPT 3.5 turbo I'll leave this us Friendly Um We'll try this one second person We'll do Leave it at medium One post published immediately Oh sorry I say post to WordPress Choose the we Cross website Publish Auto Generation image Auto Generator I'll try the tags Category Um I don't know what countries I've got In there actually Videos on what you're going to Auto Generate category Add internal links Okay might as well do it see what Happens And then we'll do create I don't know if it will look at the Content on the side already for internal Links I'm sure what it will do So time is it now What is the time 10 49. Oopsie so I'll just pause the video for

A second I should move to content let's see what The state says it started I said ten Percent Okay it's been A minute And without publishing that internal Links truth that's gonna be interesting To see what it does with this 1455 words Give it a second to finish Okay so my actual current usage for Today has been seven cents So GPT Sorry They published so Let's see what we do You show them all this Get on Amazon that's the button there That's the image Please Don't Look Under the road It's a video there FAQ nutrition facts Inclusion and get on Amazon okay one Second Um Let me quickly log into the site Actually not gonna do it for me The top View Post Okay so you see the title here I said Make your own title Anthony's organic Wheat grass powder eight doubts with you Ignore this this just a temporary site That I set I haven't really finished it

And ignore this bit as well this from Another plugin So this is the introduction That's the Oh that's the first that's the first Internal link I've got a post about what is wheatgrass Good for I use article four to try this a year Ago because they're you're just over a Year Um should I consider buying it this Product image and if you look at the Bottom the the image is linked to Check price on Amazon How it works and so on and so I have no Idea what this is so That Kitchen Amazon specification now Google Loves the table especially Oh I'm a bit sleepy now like knowledge About all the one of the one of the Snippets she has tables and stuff So anyway you could get in there Who's it for pros and cons also very Important FAQs which is amazing I wonder if the schema set up for that What customers saying overall value And there's another Amazon image okay That's fine Tips and tricks conclusion products Summary recommendation

I highly recommend Anthony's organic Powder Very nice The tags Let's see Amazon link And there you go it took what was it was That a minute it's a minute or so to do That And I'll be honest I mean You can you can just spend maybe half an Hour a day Just doing a few of these and you had to Change it out I'll go through a manual If you want to And this is pretty much set of figure Stuff It will automatically generate this Content for you And Google will keep crawling your side Coming back to the side because you're Giving them fresh content And you can do GPT 3.5 turbo or four to Write the content that's incredible It's really exciting let me close this One now Let me see what I put Images here Obviously you want to add some more Plugins one of my bonuses is how to Optimize WordPress so you'd want to add Security You don't add a image optimization and So on These are pages

Let me check the permanently there's Permalink set okay yes it's present Power links which is another time saver Brilliant Really happy the only thing was cited Let me change that quickly It doesn't matter it's a test side well For the audio garage I think it didn't update here because I Didn't update it on the other one The best Audio tech whatever Okay audio coverage okay This is from theme Let me actually show you how easy it is Change your theme quickly Um Nothing used for a long time It says bloggers I'll try this one You want these look good news about even Their default themes are fine From that To that this looks this looks really Nice Looks more professional Obviously I'd get rid of the comments Archives and Yeah comments and archives definitely do That for my period settings [Music] That's pretty sweet I like that I'm Happy Oh like a dark mode built in very fancy Anyways that one hour now I'm this

Probably my longest ever YouTube video It wasn't meant to be this long let me Close this See this I'm really impressed with I might do a follow-up in what are we Now July I want to follow up in a month I use this website I'll create more Content I'll see where they rank I hope you could indicate that it's got My name there Tom Wait let me see if I click on this did I Do my pile Oh another pile page Set up on this website doesn't matter Anyway so the link is down below for This this is an amazing amazing amazing Two honestly And it's another Banger from Chris this Is really one of those Economics tools I don't know if it's going to be a price Rise or anything but I'll probably go Into my bonuses in a week or so Um so they'll only be there for the People who buy early Or maybe not I'll leave them there we'll See I'm rambling Now where's the pricing on The last day up here he is So I mean just starting off with this One 37 dollars That is not that much for the for the For the power you have with this with This this tool

This replace your other AR rating tools And it does it all in autopilies Saw how Easy it was I mean right now I've got two websites Running It took me minutes to set up and I've Got content Incredible This is probably about my price range Right now but Damn Articles a day Imagine you've got 100 websites do one Article per day by site That'll be an insane amount of Commissions and made the same amount of Power that you can you have your own pbn Oh man that's really good Anyway let me enter here thanks for Watching If you buy this far you're a true Champion please leave a comment down Below so I know that you're a champion And I'll reply to your comment and I'll Pin it or something I don't know One hour two minutes it's gonna be a Monster to edit I'm just gonna put some Music on it anyway Background music behind this video Thanks for watching and bye

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