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Free lifetime account available is a multi tool platform offering everything you need to launch your online business or marketing platform.

I use it for course memberships, free trainings, email newsletter, landing page sites (with high DA πŸ˜‰), optin forms and automations.

There is so much more to the system.

This is all available in the free plan with very generous limits. Even the starter plan, which is priced very reasonably, has amazing limits that you can use for some time before considering having to upgrade.

A big plus is the unlimited storage in the paid plans, meaning you can host course videos within Systeme preventing YT ads or interruptions in your course videos.

The email system appears to be basic but it has all of the useful email automations and you can create a powerful list with this.

I think is a real alternative to the long term number 1 choice Click Funnels. The price is amazing, the completely unlimited plan is $97.

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In this video I'll be doing a brief Review of this is an incredible allinone Platform for marketing includes emails Funnels sales Pages courses memberships And so on there's so much inside the System now I've longterm been an admirer Of uh click funnels but I found the Price quite Primitive and uh that's why system Really wins because they have a free Package which is very comprehensive they Have a a I think it's called a light Package which is what I'm on then They've got a middle package and then They've got the ultimate Package before I get into that let me Run you quickly through what system is This is similar to click funnels but um I think it offers more and it's easier To use it's it's a bit more up Toate so you can quickly create a sales Funnels they got plenty of templates you Can make sales funnels it replaces Clickfunnels cartra kajabi and Lead Pages you can quickly send marketing Emails with a wizzywig editor or even a Code editor that replaces your email um Marketing Platforms you can build fully fled Websites with they've got plenty of Templates so use it to replace WordPress Car tracker Javi Wix and so on And I'll tell you some of the advantage

Of that in a second you can manage your Affiliates so that replace click funnels And first promoter and whichever the Affiliate platform you can think Of uh you can create courses very Easily I'll show you that in a second And you automate your marketing so you Have automation flows so if someone set Up to a list then do this do that if Someone signs up for free call then Upsell them on this other course and It'll be a new the new email list and so On it's very Advanced okay um let me see I think That's about It okay let me let me just take you Straight into the let me show you some Of the Features a sales funnel so it's on the Left hand side Here um you start off with the default Page I think a squeeze page sales page And thank page they're completely Customizable um it's Dragon drop all the There is quick to customize very easy to Use you can literally set set up a Little system within a few minutes and You can use the default templat they're Really good really Advanced I'm not a Good designer and I always use templates These templates are really top Tier and it fully integrates on the Whole system so you can integrate with Your email forms and so

On um actually let me show you inside The platform so this is the main Dashboard So uh you've got your main dashboard Your affiliate dashboard student Dashboard so if you sign up any of their Free courses or other courses it'll be Inside here then they've got Marketplace Which is a way for you to make some Money so you can promote other items on System so a lot of these vendors they'll They'll make their products available For system and also outside the Platform on something like Warrior Plus Or something then you got contacts um I Won't click on it but contacts will show You all of the contacts that signed up To your pH forms and all the details and You can assign them tags so for example New customer Or um affiliate customer or something You can add tags them and quickly sort Them funnels I show you some funnels so For Example these are just some demo funnel For example this funnel Here so it's got the name on the top Squeeze page thank you page Bridge page And you can add any other Pages you want Here so for example you add your name Here of the of the funnel you can add a URL path you can set up some automation Rules so just say for example if someone Subscribed then you can uh oops I need

To set up that Funnel okay I won't go it now but you Can see if someone subscrib you can put Them on a certain list you can send them An email or something and so On it's got AB testing built in so you Can have different variant of maybe Different color buttons different imag Which is different videos you can ab Test and see which one's giving you the Best Results then you got Stats so page views optin and so On any lead you connected any Sales or deadline settings so if you Want to create a Scity then you got a thank you page so You for example here you've got the Item uh name and then you got the Euro Path more automation flows there's more Here you got another Bridge page in Between or you can use that as an upso Page let me see what other pag you can Add So so you can add an optin thank you Page an inline form a popup form a link In BIO more sales Pages order form down Sell just say this was an upsell page And they refuse then you create a Downsell page not the price off by 20 30% You can add webinar Pages um and also miscellaneous page Contact us page info pages and so

On just close that One so emails uh let me just quickly see If I can show you this okay yeah I've Not got anything uh super secret on here So this is just the your new L that you That you create Oops choose your subject choose a sender The email address so you can have a a Visual editor classic editor You can choose your preset templat or do Whatever you need to do let CH classic For Now test One click on it so this where you put in Your little preview your body you can Add your got full we editor Here um and then you can choose uh This What I like about this it's a bit it's a Bit different to some of the other email Platforms you send it to people who have Reged over for example 10 days ago or 14 Days ago or Something you can choose the tags you Can exclude tags you can also Personalize with these little variables Here um you can save and schedule it and You can do a test send and so on I'm not Going to do That then you can do Campaigns so let me do test uh To so here so this is where you set up Your automation campaign so you can have Email number one just say someone buys XYZ product so what you want to do you

Want to send them to the either the Download or to the video or something so You say welcome thank you for purchasing X product from your name and do your Email and then just say you've got Another video or you've got more Information or you want to upsell on Something you going you set up another Campaign another step of this campaign So step two it could be 24 hours could Be 4 hours one week say yeah just hello Again thank you for purchasing that Product here's xyz2 product blah blah Blah and then you can maybe send another Information email step so email number Three create a whole sequence here this Will automatically go out everyone who Uh purchased the original product so you People use this to uh expand their Income so it could be a small low ticket Item but by upselling them the other Products could be affiliate products you Could boost your income that Way so that's how I use Campaigns so blogs do I have a Blog okay I've got a test blog Here so test blog Um let's just do it I'm not been into For a while so this is just a test Blog looks like a very clean site you See it launch very quick you can have Categories topics images featur images This form oops this form is linked to Your your your email for your email

Section you can have about page articles And so on it's very quick to load and a Little secret with this uh system iio Domain if you into SEO you can create Landing pages put keywords in there and You get a good uh I think it's a Dr 50 Or 60 boost that's a little secret for You Let me see so automations uh we kind of Looked at Automations um let me see so this like An automation so if someone clicks on This just say an affiliate Link in this One you can wait a day and then send Them an email or put them on another List or so on or why I normally use it To move people between this so if They've clicked on a bonus item URL for Example I put them to a different bonus Received or you know active User it's a good way to segment users Into active and unactive and so On I don't have any products here let me See if I made a test course yeah I made A test course Here I show Students so I add a new Course uh let me I call it test one Be the test Dom Main and then test two Three four Five you choose your Theme um the test one your sister one Yet how quickly you can start Rec call It now I'm going add a

Module so call it mod One here you click on it add a lecture So you can have lecture One so you can have video mine are Normally like this video so you set Template i' actually tested comment for But anyway disable that one you Save and then we go to lecture One and that's it now you've got all These options on the left here so you Got all the Elements so you've got uh text headline Bullet list content box there column Layouts you can add a form add more Media image video Audio let me add a video below here let Me see what the options Are so you got direct link custom embed Or upload File um you can just put a YouTube link In there a videoo link or if you got it On another platform you put that URL in There and Al you upload file I believe In the pl let me just double check it You get unlimited Storage I'll do that in a second I think You get unlimited storage with all plans There you can uh you can find control so Autop playay control Shadows border Margin so On this is my voice a touch let me go Back okay that's what you want oops Let's go back into Actually uh socials Facebook Facebook

Comments uh Twitter X share button a Countdown timer menu horizontal line HTML if you want any add any embeds or Anything inside or HTML code you know That and you got table of contents and FAQ save exit Okay uh you can also do physical Products you can create communities but I don't really do all That and then sales is where you can uh Monit your transaction and so on now let Me get into the plan this is a very Quick quick review by the way because There a lot of uh information I might do Some more follow-up Reviews let's get into the Pricing so so this is where you could Start on the free plan you get a very Generous 2,000 email Contacts you can send unlimited emails You get three finals to start with 15 Steps one blog unlimited post one Course um unlimited students one Community so Community like Forum Unlimited members Unlimited storage space one automation Rule one workflow one tag they've cut Down the things a little bit I think Actually no no no it's always been like This email campaign so automation Automated sending campaign not the Normal campaign regular campaign app Sales order bumps AB testing coupon Codes and all of this stuff

Here and you also you get assistant Account which I think is new I've not Seen that before when your own affiliate Program you get to use the API Uh 247 support you get one custom Domain uh no Evergreen webinars on these Two Packages and so on you unlimited Emailing unlimited F story space Unlimited students and so On okay now this is the plan that I'm on But I'm probably going to move to the Webinar plan but 5,000 contacts uh 10 Sales funnels 50 steps and so on The slight increase but ultimate plan is The one you really want if you are doing A lot of content creating lot of sites Because for $97 a month everything's Unlimited Everything something similar in Clickfunnels if you're looking at few Hundred a Month annually you can pay up front and You get even bigger discounts 30% hope you found that useful that was Like a brief by about 15 minute overview Of system it's a very compc trans System and yeah um I think it's a really Good option if you want to keep Everything in one place and just pay one Monthly amount still paying multiple This cost you a lot more if you go to All the other Platforms hope you find it useful

There's link down below and I'll see you Next one bye-bye

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