YT Marketer Review

If you have ever wanted to monetise your YouTube channel but gave up because it took too long and was too much work, check out YT Marketer.

This training course has enabled me to set up 3 YouTube channels I have monetised with 4000 watch hours and 1000 subscribers in weeks.

What is YT Marketer?

YT Marketer is a training course with the option of a private Facebook group to discuss new techniques and tactics.

The training is well made and easy to follow with over the shoulder video training of each part of the process.

The first part of the training covers the process of creating a YouTube channel, picking a niche, creating the videos and getting monetised.

The second part is a detailed process of ranking your YouTube videos, this is great as you can get affiliate commissions by ranking at the top.

If you purchase the Facebook group access, you get access to Chris Derenberger and the other members to discuss what is working and what is not working.

YT Marketer Training

The YT Marketer training is very comprehensive and covers the entire process from the niches, channel creation, graphics, videos to make, how to get 4000 watch hours and how to get 1000 subs to monetise your YouTube channel.

Every section has a video guide that is easy to follow and is over the shoulder, everything is explained in detail.

The first part of the training covers the basics on what niches pay the most, how to create a channel, how to create the videos, how to get the minimum watch time and subscriber requirements.

My channel with $150 CPM

Following the training, I create a channel in a niche with high CPM rates, in this example, the CPM value is $150 per 1000 views advertisers will pay.

The second part of the training is ranking your videos. This is great for bringing in additional affiliate income by ranking at the top and making sales.

Does YT Marketer work?

Short answer, Yes!

I signed up during the pre-release stage as I was frustrated waiting to reach the minimum requirements to monetise my channels.

I had one channel monetised in 2 weeks, and another two in a month.

I now have 3 monetised YouTube channels earning almost $100 per month each.

YT Marketer Review | Results
Channel earning $133

I have 3 more channels that I am working on in different niches but the system and techniques can work for any channel, new or old.

YT Marketer Pricing

The front-end main training costs $997 for a limited time before it goes up to $1497.

This is all of the main training you need to create and monetise your channels plus rank your videos for additional affiliate income.

YT Marketer OTOs

There is only one upsell or OTO, which is access to the private Facebook group where you can ask anything about YouTube and learn about new tactics.

The cost is $37 per month for access to the private Facebook group.

Having been a member for 2 months, this is worth it as Chris has spent some time researching new methods and posted videos to the group.


The Facebook group OTO has been removed, the group is now free and included in the main price. It is a help group where we share wins, tactics etc.

Perks of the private Facebook group?

The private Facebook group is great to interact with Chris himself but also other members who have varying levels of experience.

Chris gives out more current testing and techniques that he has discovered, this helps us to achieve high rank and greater heights.

Another perk or incentive to work at the training is the monthly competition.

Chris sets a target for the month, if you reach that target and post your proof, you are rewarded with a prize.

I actually won the first competition via a random selection and Chris kindly sent me a £50 ($68) Amazon gift card.

Competition prize

This is a nice reward for hard work, follow the training and put in the work!


If you buy via any of the links on this page, you will be automatically sent my bonuses.

For this special product, I have created a few special bonuses.

  • 1,000 Views to either 1 or 2 of your YouTube videos (first 5 only)
  • My guide on how to get traffic to your YouTube videos
  • My guide on how to get Instant Traffic to your YouTube videos
  • My video on YouTube Channel and Video SEO basics
  • YouTube authority video course
  • YouTube channel SEO Video course

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