YT Influencer Review

In this YT Influencer review, I will give you my reasons why I think this is an essential purchase if you want to make money on YouTube.

I am an expert with YouTube optimisation and ranking and the training creator, Chris Derenberger is an expert, I consider him a mentor – he is a veteran of ranking on YouTube.

The training is suitable for beginners and even advanced YouTube creators will learn some new tricks and techniques.

As a long-time buyer of Chris’ training and products, this is another top-shelf training full of quality and golden nuggets from a real seven-figure earner.

YT Influencer

Whether you’re a beginner, marketer, web designer or developer, Spectra includes all the tools and resources you can trust to succeed online.

Quality of Training
Value for Money
Earning Potential


If you have ever wanted to make money on YouTube, this is the ONLY training you will need to start earning. The front-end product alone will put you above other YouTube creators.


LAUNCHING MONDAY 27th February @ 9am EST / 2pm UK

YT Influencer Review Video

What is YT Influencer?

YT Influencer is a complete training course made by Chris Derenberger who is a real seven-figure YouTube veteran going back many years.

He gives you all of the information and over-the-shoulder training that you would need to get started and make some real income on YouTube selling physical products or digital products.

You don’t even need to show your face to make the videos, and you can record everything with your existing phone.

The training is invaluable if you ever needed a little guidance from an expert on how to get started.

YT Influencer Members Area

The members area contains all of the training videos with some related links.

YT Influencer – Members Area 1

The main section is Preparing which explains the process and different types of channels and videos you can create

YT Influencer – Members Area 2

The second section is Taking Action where the videos are all about creating your YouTube channels the right way, how to make the videos, how to edit the videos and how to upload and optimise the videos.

YT Influencer – Members Area 3

The third section is a collection of case studies taking you over the shoulder with a real channel.

How much is YT Influencer?

YT Influencer is priced very reasonably at $12.95 at launch, this price is due to increase on Friday, March 3rd.

The price of the front-end training will increase to $47 after the launch period so don’t miss out on this deal.

That will get you the front-end training which is enough to get you started on your journey as a YouTube influencer making money online from home.

The OTOs are priced at:

  • OTO 1 $27
  • OTO 2 $67
  • OTO 3 $147
  • OTO 4 $7/m

YT Influencer OTOs

The OTOs are optional add-on trainings and products, I don’t usually recommend buying them all but in this case, there is incredible value in all of the OTOs.

OTO 1: $400k in 90 Days Case Study $27

In this case study, Chris gives you the inside scoop on one of his YouTube channels and how he was able to earn over $400k in 90 days. Recommended purchase!

OTO 2: Launch Jacking $67

In this training, he will show you how to build an affiliate business based on the launch jacking model, he will go through the entire process and give some insights from his own experience. Recommended purchase!

OTO 3: Expert Ranker $147

In this training, he goes over how to rank videos using his agency ranking services, various strategies and how to build YouTube channels and rank them faster. Includes case studies. Recommended purchase!

OTO 4: VIP Facebook Group $7/m

VIP Facebook group to discuss everything YouTube including new tactics and strategies. This is also a must-have as I was previously in one of these groups and it cost more than 5 x this price. Recommended purchase!

YT Influencer Bonuses

If you buy via the buttons or links on my page, I will send you my custom bonuses.

The first bonus is a YouTube video booster campaign that I will do for you on one video.

I will use my services and get you views, interactions and comments to give your video a boost and give YouTube ranking signals.

As this is a time-intensive and resource-intensive process that costs me money, I have to limit it to the first 5 buyers that send me the details via the form on the bonus page for the first seven days of launch.

The second bonus is a YouTube SEO video training guide I recorded giving tips and recommendations for YouTube video SEO to get better rankings.

The third bonus is a video training that I recorded on how to get instant traffic to your YouTube videos.

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