YT Influencer Review | Peek Inside the Training

This is my YT Influencer Review and a peek inside the training.

You can get YT Influencer at the discounted launch price here:

YT Influencer by Chris Derenberger is a complete guide on how to make money on YouTube with digital and physical products.

In this YT Influencer review, I will give you my reasons why I think this is an essential purchase if you want to make money on YouTube.

I am an expert with YouTube optimisation and ranking and the training creator, Chris Derenberger is an expert, I consider him a mentor – he is a veteran of ranking on YouTube.

The training is suitable for beginners and even advanced YouTube creators will learn some new tricks and techniques.

As a long-time buyer of Chris’ training and products, this is another top-shelf training full of quality and golden nuggets from a real seven-figure earner.

OTO 1 $27
OTO 2 $67
OTO 3 $147
OTO 4 $7/m

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In this video I'll be reviewing a new YouTube training product called YT Influencer this is being created by Chris sterenbuilder who is a legendary YouTube marketer I've done quite a few of his uh I've Reviewed quite a few of his products I've purchased probably all of them Because I know how much value is and Even just the front end of his products So this is another one those gold mines Of information and practical tips and Know-how and over-the-shoulder training That you definitely can't miss out on Um if you purchase via the link Down Below in the description I'll send you Some my bonuses but I'll go through that In a second once I get to my review page But let me just go through his sales Page here this could change at the time Of of uh when it goes live But for now this is this is how it is So the launch price is 12.95 now this is Only for the first five days So this is launching on the 27th of February 2023 at 9am Eastern 2 p.m UK And the launch period is five days so The price will go up to 47 on the Friday Which is the 3rd of March so it will be At the end of a Friday third of March Now for 12.95 you're getting incredible Amount of training but I will go through That in a second Now on the page you go through a lot of

Information about the YouTube process The commission the money he make he Makes Um currently there are 29 videos in this Training I've been through I think Nearly all of them And in usual Chris fashion there's a lot Of value in every video you go through It clearly coherently a lot better than Me and he goes through every steps that Even a beginner novice YouTuber can Can access YouTube make the video make The channel optimize everything So to be honest if you make if you buy This course via my link of course And You don't make money then I think you Really have to rethink your process Because his process makes it so easy to Follow That is pretty hard not to make money Using this process now of course there's No guarantee so I can't obviously Guarantee anything But even me I I I don't always put the Most effort into the videos and stuff But even I haven't made quite a bit of Money By following the earlier trainings and Features from this training now if he's If he's given before So it's a really uh really good training Product in in total Um he goes to some of his commissions I

Know some of these because he's posted Them in the uh the other group Uh YT marketer which uh he released a Year or so ago actually which I posted Which was a very high ticket But I've actually made my money back From there so Yeah I know it's just trainings are Worth it Okay so let me show you Maybe she might be a few page first Okay it might be a bit small because I've just switched to a 4k monitor one Second Let Me Assume in a bit Okay so the link below there's a link to My review page If you click on that you'll see the Information and you see my buy buttons So let me guess my bonuses first so I've Got three custom bonuses for you Nobody else will have these because They're my own bonuses I just highlighted a bit better actually But the first bonus Is I will give the first five people That respond via the form that's on the Bonus page I'll give them a um A campaign of fuse interactions and Comments on their video to give their Video a boost Now if you go through Chris's training You'll see this is essential part of

YouTube I'll be giving five campaigns sorry one Campaign per person to five people Who reply And yeah you'll get a boost your video The second bonus is a YouTube SEO video Training guide I recorded going through Some tips and recommendations for YouTube video SEO to get better rankings The third bonus is a video training Guide I recorded on how to get instant Traffic to your YouTube videos It's a bit of a hack and um yeah it can Give you a little boost But again everybody does this and you Only get it via my links click on this Orange button here or the one above And yeah thank you so let me go through My little review here I'll just talk a bit about YouTube well Sorry writing influencer A little snippy um it's very much worth It if if you're new or if you're an Intermediate user of YouTube And affiliate marketing still learn a Lot because I went through all the the Videos and I actually picked up a few Tips from there Um I talk about what the course is about Okay this is the members area here so The first section of the members area Split three sections The first section is all about preparing So

Um what it's preparing what you wanted To there's proof of how it works talk to The affiliate networks products and so On types of videos I'll go into more Detail in a second I'll show you inside The members area The second best section is taking action So How to set up your channel how to do all The verification for YouTube How to record the various types of Products whether affiliate product Digital or physical Have to do the thumbnails and so on how To also get some views And the final section is a bonus section It's it's all about us it's three case Studies in there And he goes into some detail and shows Some evidence of what he did to rank the Sorry to make money from these products Also rank the videos So this is all in the front end it's About 29 videos And there's a lot of content in there For 12.95 the launch price So yeah that's a lot of information for You Okay the pricing is as I've said a Couple of times it's 129 time at launch But it's going to end around midnight on Friday Then the price will increase and remain At 47 dollars

Um I believe it will remain there Probably will There are a couple of otos let me go Through the otos this first one is a Ocho1 or a bump up sale Is a 90-day case study on making 400 000 So Chris goes into detail on how he made 400 000 in 90 days That is 27 dollars The second choice is a launch tracking Mini course I'd say And where he goes through how to use YouTube and do launch checking which is Essentially what that's what I'm doing Now when you're Making a video and then trying to get to Stop a YouTube on the launch of a Product so people search for YT influencer review for example they See your videos at the top The third choice expert ranker so it Goes to how to rank your videos that This is a gray area But um I've been doing this he's been Doing a lot of big YouTubers do this Especially with affiliate marketing and It's a you know it's a very good very Good way to boost your income with Affiliate uh income in affiliate Marketing I mean And the last one is a VIP Facebook group Where you get access to Chris and a lot Of other YouTubers who will be in there And people who participate in the group

And everyone shares tips ideas Techniques and it's a bargain price of Just seven dollars a month That's incredible value because I'm in Some groups I'm paying 50 60 70 a month So yeah that's that's really good And again if my they're my bonus is There so let me get into these training Now one second Oops Where'd I put it Okay that's not it let me just find it On a second we pause the video okay I'm Back okay So this is the actual training area Members area whatever you want to call It So in the preparing section it goes Through boxing grab before you start the Proof of proof that it works talks about Affiliate networks affiliate products The types of videos to make The buyer intent videos Review videos solving problem videos Coupons discount and different Informational videos Um now I'll click on it because it'll Mess up the audio And the second section is the main Section I consider the main the main Section this is taking action So this is where you learn from Chris And how to set up your channel properly How to do all the verification how to Record physical products

Um how to rank without owning the Product How to record digital products Um various methods to edit the video I Don't use cap cut how to use cap cut how To create faces and videos using AI How to create a sharp and effective and Clickable thumbnails He explains a bit about the YouTube Algorithm how to rank how to get views And rank videos It gives you some ranking examples talks About YouTube filters And it's various methods on how to cloak Your affiliate links and make them more Appealing to click on and he talks a Little bit about vid IQ And the last one which I see is a bit of Motivation also proof of income and Proof of success I suppose He gives some free case studies And yeah this these are very good to Watch you could even watch these first Just to get an idea of what's possible What the potential is of this training Course following these methods because There's nothing special that he's done Here except for follow what he's been Talking about in these sections here So all of this is just the front end and That's a there's a lot of value in there Let me show you what's inside some of The otos A second

Okay so in the launch check launch Checking a training area This is Oto I forgot I wish no to you This is one second or jacking Audio Two So he explains what launch hacking is Where to find products how to get your Affiliate links and get review access How to make your video how to optimize It for ranking How to offer bonuses and how to build an Email list this building email list is Essential For long-term success Okay the uh the third out here in this Section here is Advanced ranking Training So he shows you how how to grow Organically how to use services Which are big gray a bit black have how To use services to boost your videos and Channels As boost rankings how to get in the Recommended section He goes to some of his favorite services And he gives you three different types Of case studies So you've got physical product digital Product and an informational product how To make money from all of them and Basically uh do your thing on YouTube And I think I've already shown the Pricing so let me close this one and Yep that's the price in the front end is 12.95 it goes to 47 on March 4th

Um the uit influences the case study 27 Oto1 is 67 147 and you've got the pay Monthly Facebook group So that is it that is the review Almighty influencer having been through All of the videos I can tell you Honestly that is one of the One of the best trainings for this sort Of price you'll ever get And if you think about it just press two Cups of coffee and also on top of that If you probably buy my links I'm going to give you some free services On top that'll boost your videos and It's at no cost to you Click on these buttons and then You'll get taken to uh you buy the Product and then you'll get taken to Your bonus link So hope you enjoyed the video hope you Find it useful and I'll see you in the Next one

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