Viper Cache Review

In this Viper Cache review, I will highlight the main features of Viper Cache and how you can use Viper Cache to massively increase the performance of your website and increase your Google ranking.

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Viper Cache Review

Viper Cache is a WordPress plugin that very quickly and easily, adds caching to your WordPress website making it perform better for your visitor and search engines.

The main selling points of Viper Cache are the ease of setup and the end result of faster WordPress websites.

I can’t emphasise enough how easy it is to get going with Viper Cache, pretty much one click and away you go.

How can you use Viper Cache?

Viper Cache can be set up with one click, I don’t know of any other caching plugin that is installed so quickly.

Viper Cache Settings

Simple click on Enable Viper Cache and save and the plugin is ready.

You can of course delve deeper into the settings to suite your WordPress environment and test out what works best for you, but the one click setup has works just fine on my sites.

There are tutorial videos to watch if you want to change other settings to configure for your particular setup and support is on hand to assist if you need it.

Does Viper Cache really work?

I asked myself the same question, so to test it, I installed on one of my hosting packages and tested with and without the plugin.

These are the before and after shots.

Viper Cache – Before

This is on my better hosting package, the performance is already very good and more than acceptable. I didn’t expect Viper Cache to make a difference.

Viper Cache – After

This is after installing and activating Viper Cache, it made good hosting perform even better!

Page size, requests and most important sub 1 second load time! Pretty amazing for such a low cost plugin.

How much is Viper Cache?

Viper Cache is $37 one time payment for 25 sites personal licence, that includes the plugin and tutorials plus updates.

The other upsells are optional, they add benefit to the front end product and can be purchased only after purchasing the front end offer.

Viper Cache Pricing

  • Viper Cache Personal: $37
  • OTO 1: Blog Link Magic + DFY Link Library: $17
  • OTO 2: WP Toolkit GPL: $67
  • OTO 3: Blog Niche Tools: $17
  • OTO 4: Blog Niche Tools – 100K Mega Article Packs: $17

Viper Cache Front End

The front end product is the main Viper Cache plugin plus the tutorials.

OTOs and Upsells for Viper Cache

OTO 1: Blog Link Magic + DFY Link Library

Blog link magic tools + dfy links.

OTO 2: WP Toolkit GPL

WP Toolkit GPL licence.

OTO 3: Blog Niche Tools

blog niche tools including a suite of tools.

OTO 4: Blog Niche Tools – 100K Mega Article Packs

Blogging tools and 100k mega article pack


Is Viper Cache worth it? I believe the plugin is worth the low cost, in fact, it is probably worth more as it outperforms many, much more expensive WordPress caching plugins including WP Rocket.

I don’t usually use paid for caching plugins but Viper Cache is well priced and performs well on pretty much any WordPress hosting I have test it with.

Overall, I recommended Viper Cache, the plugin is fantastic and does exactly what it is meant to do.


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