BuyBotPro Review

In this BuyBotPro review, I will show you why you should seriously consider buying this if you are serious about selling on Amazon with FBA or Merchant Fulfillment – this is a game-changer!

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BuyBotPro Review

BuyBotPro is a Google Chrome extension with and Android app and soon an iOS app.

BuyBotPro has one main purpose, that is to help you quickly judge if the products you want to list on Amazon will make you money.

The app is unique and at the time of writing, I don’t know of any similar app available that does what BuyBotPro does.

The developers have developed an AI system that can work off minimal input details, mainly your purchase price, and give you a full analysis of the potential of the item.

It not only shows you the total fees and associated costs, but also perform competition research on the listing, checks the history of the buy box and whether or not Amazon have been the only buy box winner or if they share.

The app also finds, where possible, seller stock details and whether of not they are FBA or Merchant Fulfilled.

Some of the useful stats are the Best Seller Rank (BSR) which help you quickly decide if the item is a best seller in the category – and if it is prone to sell out often.

How can you use BuyBotPro?

BuyBotPro can be downloaded just as any other chrome extension, then you enter the licence key and away you go.

BuyBotPro can output all of the stats with just your purchase price entry, you can adjust other settings such as VAT, packaging costs etc, also if you work out ROI in an alternative way, there are other calculation methods available.

If you want to use the Google Sheets feature of BuyBotPro simply give it access to the Google account and create a buy sheet in Google Sheets and enter the url of that sheet into BuyBotPro settings, then when you are researching on Amazon or any website, you can quickly enter the details including source URL of the product straight to the Google Sheet.

One useful feature I forgot to show in the video is that you can do product research straight from your supplier website or online arbitrage source.

BuyBotPro – Product research on

In this example, I was on and found Fifa 21, highlighted the title and right-clicked, selected BuyBotPro FBA Deal Analyzer and selected the store.

From there I can enter my buy price and get all of the analysis on that screen, without having to waste time going back and forth between Amazon and supplier sites.

This is a real time saver as I was able to research several products in minutes.

Does BuyBotPro really work?

I am pleased to say, yes, it really works, surprisingly well.

The app is in beta and is a bit buggy plus it is Android only but it worked on my field test.

The Chrome extension works, it gets a bit fiddly when it doesn’t hide for normal Amazon browsing, a shortcut for this was to create a Google Chrome account just for BuyBotPro Amazon research.

I recommend that you watch all of the videos before jumping in to get an idea on how to get the best out of BuyBotPro for your online arbitrage or retail arbitrage.

I like the BuyBotPro Island popup as it give a quick clear indication without scrolling through all of the stats.

BuyBotPro – Island Overivew

The data is presented clearly in the main side extension and the island plus on the mobile app.

The graphs and tables with a lot of data can be a lot to take in but if you spend a little time working out the data, it is very useful.

How much is BuyBotPro?

BuyBotPro is available as a monthly or annual subscription, available in both GBP £ or USD $ which is handy.

There is also an addon for Amazon Suspension assistance which is a separate service which guides you and provides assistance and templates in case you ever get suspended on Amazon. This has happened to me a few times and it can be very stressful, especially if Amazon is your main income.

BuyBotPro Pricing

GBP £ (inc VAT)USD $
BuyBotPro Monthly£24.95$34.95
BuyBotPro Monthly with Suspension Guard£34.95$44.95
BuyBotPro Annual£21.54$29.95
BuyBotPro Annual with Suspension Guard£29.94$39.95

BuyBotPro Front End

BuyBotPro is available as a front end product only, you don’t need any addons to get the full functions of the app/

OTOs and Upsells for BuyBotPro

There is an additional service available which is a product research and sourcing membership, pricing varies and I did not take that option.


BuyBotPro is 100% recommended if you are actively selling on Amazon right now or are thinking of selling on Amazon.

Spending you hard earned money on stock only to find out the product is restricted or the overall fees make it a loser is not a nice feeling – BuyBotPro is a unique tool that will offer you advice with stats to help your purchasing decisions – online and offline!


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Upload to a popular image host, DropBox, Google Drive or ImgBB and I will verify with my affiliate backend and then manually send you the download or access link by email. If you cannot upload, let me know and I will reply to your contact form message.


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