Surecart Review and Pricing Update | Woocommerce Alternative

In this video I tell you about the upcoming price increase for Surecart.
Get the current price here :

Surecart is a viable alternative to Woocommerce and Shopify.

The features even in the Startup plan are amazing and will save you hundreds every year in plugin subscriptions.

The big feature of Surecart is the offsite hosting of products, payments, basically all of the grunt work.

00:01 Introduction
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This will be a quick video about Shortcut and the special offer pricing Which is ending imminently very very Soon Um I actually picked up on it very late I saw in the Facebook group I've been a User for several months I purchased two Plans I purchased a Pro Plan and the Business plan And I've got two or three sites I'm Launching that are offering Digital Services And I know with experience at Woocommerce you need pretty hefty Hosting you need extra plugins you need All sorts of stuff to make it work and Even then you have to rely on different Plugin vendors updating their stuff and Make sure everything works But with shortcut you can try the free Version but I recommend you at least Jump on the startup plan because the Offers the features you get are pretty Incredible Um so let me just go through it quickly So I'm not sure what the price the Pricing is probably going to be this Here so it'll be 199 399 and 7.99 But I'm not sure but they said that Their special offer pricing the 50 off Discount is ending And they said it'll be uh in August and I've posted about two weeks ago So um yeah so the plans are free startup

Business and Pro And the startup plan you get to Everything in the free plan but you get Unlimited products oops You get Advanced checkout forms Advanced Subscriptions free and paid trials setup Fees auto payment recovery Um oops and uh the upgrade parts so they Can customers change their plans Zapier integration email support two gig File storage and cart abandonment Recovery up to 25 Sessions And there are some really interesting Features this quality management Recovery so that's for example if you if A customer put something in the cart and Um and they haven't gone through the Order Then this will send them an email say Look if you've got this in your cart do You want to check out now I don't forget You might miss out whatever or you could Change it to Pretend to another email in three days For example I'll give you 10 off and This card is still available That's the card Amendment and with this You get 25 sessions In the business plan you get quite a few More you get 200 And in the uh Pro Plan you get 400. So of course it depends on the side of Your business but that can make a big

Difference to your bottom line And people do appreciate where you give Them a discount so you don't have to Give discounts straight away but anyway That's up to you I'm just talking now Uh let me see so in the business plan You get everything else everything in The startup plan plus your order bumps So um I went when a customer goes to a Checkout So for example just say you sell them um Um website hosting you can order but I'm Offering them a A wordpression store for ten dollars or Just something something to bump up your Bottom line And it gives them incentive to buy Because at the checkout You get a subscription save and insights So uh Automatic Auto automate subscription Cancellation prevention You can give discounts and surveys so You know you want to keep as many Customers as you can You get five gigabytes of file storage And priority email support five team Members short triggers Pro Um short triggers I've just started I've Used it before I've used it with the Site and that's like a zapier and uh Publian and what's the still one uh Thrive automated alternative But it's nice that's all within the

Ecosystem of shore so you've got Shore Cart you've got short triggers you've Got short members which I also have And I believe they've got some more Products coming out Um again you could try that free for now Within the pro version you get 5 000 you get five thousand action which Is loads And a cult abandonment recovery up 200 I've said that and coming soon in that Plan they've got one click up sales uh Auto fees and discounts early payoff Offers Good multi-currency and physical Products And then finally the Pro Plan you get 10 Gig fast storage 10 team members which Is overkill for me Front of the line email support content Management recovery up to 400. And also on top of that they're gonna Integrate their own affiliate program And purchasing power parity That is uh people in different parts of The world they can have either one price For America one price for Um just say Nigeria one price for India So you can adjust their price depending Where people are It's a good selling tactic and it helps People in other countries Uh buy a service that they're going to

Afford it's good it's really good for Digital products like courses and stuff And Digital Services Um so if you click on the link below It's an affiliate link Um you'll get taken to the shortcut page Shortcut page And you can go through all the features You want To go through in your own time but um if You do want to get the pricing I highly Recommend you get on it now because You'll be grandfathered in at these Prices And so for as long as you're subscribing You'll have the same price And at minimum I would go Starter by Daily you'll be looking at the business Plan Because the extra features because it Will pay for itself in the extra cost Abandonment recovery and the older Months Uh let me see And also all this one click upsell and All these other features are coming soon They will make a difference when you're I mean you you've probably been shopping Shopping festivals and stuff and you'll See the way they they tailor the the Checkout process to the customer and They push different products and Shopify is a really good system but it's Really expensive and and the last time I

Looked at it just for something like This startup plan I think they were talking about 100 Pounds or dollars per month Crazy money But again you need to spend money to Make money and that's why you can use Woocommerce for free But these sort of features you will not Get in woocommerce and also with Woocommerce you need to have a pretty Hefty hosting package Because all this shortcut stuff is on Offsite so you can have shared hosting And run everything on your shared Hosting And all the hard work will be done on The shortcut servers so all of the Product image detail hosting all of the Checkout process It integrates with us Integrates with stripe with um I think also web program so on stripe PayPal Um It takes it all off site one second if It should be a compliant yes I know people do get worried about that But they do have a detailed post on it Um where's the Do not be logged into my own shortcut Uh where is it where is there is it Somewhere in the future Um

Payments So I know that they they do uh maybe Here Okay they got manual payments now I Think it's the new feature pay what you Want donations Express payments A stripe Molly PayPal and this one Uh pay stack for Africa Razer pay for India and they're always Adding more they work and what I like is That they take a lot of user feedback And they integrate into the system I don't currently show you my site Because I don't want to Release it integration let me see I believe public connect has already Integrated They are yeah probably Um I don't use these ones learn dash Can You automator member press Affiliate WP Molly paper stripe Mercado Pego These ones are coming soon Let me see And the other thing to highlight quickly Yeah again there's no code you can you Do everything from within your WordPress Website And you can just drag and drop you can Change features here and there and It all updates in the system Everything's all of this stuff is saved On their system So um yeah screws to kill very safe

Subscriptions So you can change your payment plan on The go So you can do installments fix and so on Even free trials something I did Recently was a setup option setup fees So for example you say you've got a WordPress and the price for the hosting Is ten dollars a month then you want to Charge a 50 setup fee So you can do two separate payments one For the setup fee and then they can do Their monthly Ten dollars for example Also split payment Lifetime and so on There's a lot of stuff to go through There I can't really go through all of It Let's see marketing of course you've got Coupons Payment recovery lead magnets a lot of Reporting smart coupons So you can coupon certain type of Customer you can have coupons on I think Believe on category on products on cart Value All sorts of stuff bundles I know that added some new features for Bundles recently Dynamic order bumps Um this is a big one car to manual Recovery I believe those examples in the group Where was it under himself

Who got back about six thousand dollars In a month just from this card Advantage Recovery I may be misquoting I think That was a figure Goodness me it's 10 minute video Automated customer survey Affiliate program coming soon I think I learned it there Uh Revenue optimization or fancy Okay one thing upstairs coming soon Like that because the amount of times Even I've been quite as a checkout where They say oh you got this but before x Amount more you can get this And people do go for it This was talked about pushing power Parity so U.S India EU all our different Things different prices You can allow people to early some People want to pay early and it can be a Headache Um trying to figure out how to do it but Within a shortcut you can do that I'll end it there It integrates well with a learn Dash Um Saw some of the mention the group I Think tutor LMS I've also seen um what's the one with Thrive themes I forgot try a few they've got their own Costing People have set up But yeah it's not exactly the same as

Woocommerce and that you create product Period or that is coming soon But the way it works that you create a Product and then they give you a link to The product page a checkup page or a buy Button And you could put that wherever you want On a page on a blog post you can make Your own individual product pages But it's well worth trying it even trust Free version if you want to But again this pricing only available For a limited time And I mentioned a full review they just Haven't got around to it I probably Build it at some point but I had to get Something up there Just to let you know I did post it in The Facebook group as well Oh no sorry I didn't I posted I've sent An email out I posted on the Facebook Group as well Um yeah so that's that so again link is Below And yeah I hope you enjoyed this this Product it's a really good shopping cart And I'll see you in the next one

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