Grabvid Review

In this Grabvid review, I will highlight the main features of Grabvid and how you can use Grabvid to create videos, transcribe and translate videos – pretty much repurpose any content to create a new unique video.


21st September 2020 @ 11am Est / 4pm UK

Grabvid Review

Grabvid is a new and unique tool that allows you to upload your own video or use any existing YouTube video and create a new and unique video with subtitles or translation.

Some of the main feature if Grabvid are:

  • Use your video or YouTube
  • Automatic transcribing & translating
  • Automatic subtitles with overlay
  • Multiple video format output (YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Tiktok + more)
  • Multilingual audio voice over
  • Animations and graphics
  • Royalty-free images and additional text overlays
  • Cloud-based app
  • 1-click upload to Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn

Grabvid Membership Area

The Grabvid app members area is very plain as the only task is to enter a YouTube video URL or upload your own video.

Grabvid members area

In this example I found a random video on the topic of Eczema and entered the YouTube URL.

Simply enter the URL and allow the system to work. It is best practice to only reuse videos that are licenced as Creative Commons, these are allowed to be reused with modification.

Grabvid YouTube Demo

Grabvid will fetch the video and display some details including the thumbnail,, age, channel, play time and description.

You can then click on the “Repurpose this video” button to proceed and allow the system to extract the text and allow you to customise the content.

Grabvid YouTube Video Transcription

The app will work on the video and produce the full transcription for you to edit and reproduce.

The main useful feature I found here was the control over the voice over, you can add or reduce emphasis, pitch and volume which all adds to the quality of the voice over.

This allows you to quickly and easily modify the voice over to make it more realistic and pleasant for your viewers.

How can you use Grabvid?

Grabvid is useful to quickly create unique videos with custom text, images and videos to help your niche website rank higher and get more views.

The Grabvid app is easy to use and find videos to repurpose quickly and easily, and then translate if you wish to several other languages complete with full voice over translation.

You can use this to promote affiliate offers in alternative less saturated markets where there is less competition.

How much is Grabvid?

Grabvid is $37 at launch, the price may increase after launch so grab it while you can at this amazing price.

The other upsells are optional, they add benefit to the front end product and can be purchased only after purchasing the front end offer.

All of the pricing for Grabvid is one-time pricing, no recurring subscriptions.

Grabvid Pricing

  • Grabvid Front End : $37
  • Grabvid Font End Commercial $47
  • OTO 1: Grabvid DFY Templates (Unlimited): $97 (DS: $47 1,000 Templates)
  • OTO 2: Grabvid Unlimited: $67 (DS: $37 Lite)
  • OTO 3: Grabvid Agency 100/500: $197/297

Grabvid Front End

The front end product is available in two packages, the standard Personal package is $37 and the Commercial package is $47.

Personal allows 100 minutes of videos whereas Commercial allows 600 minutes. In addition to this, Commercial allows you to use and sell videos commercially and there are 8 additional bonuses including training.

I recommend the Commercial package for just $10 more!

OTOs and Upsells for Grabvid

OTO 1: Grabvid DFY Templates

The DFY (Done For You) templates package allows you to create videos even more quickly with a collection of templates. The Unlimited package allows you access to all of the current and upcoming templates, the downsell offers access to 1000 templates.

OTO 2: Grabvid Unlimited

Grabvid Unlimited upgrade allows you to create an unlimited amount of videos with unlimited length and unlimited social channels.

OTO 3: Grabvid Agency

The Agency upgrade allows you to sell accounts, there are two packages, 100 or 500 sub accounts.

You can sell to your clients or sell on your site and keep 100% of the profit.


Is Grabvid worth it? I believe Grabvid is a superb system to quickly repurpose and create videos.

The system quickly allows you to create, translate and voiceover videos from existing videos.

The Unlimited upsell is a great addon for a very reasonable price, this with the Commercial front end package has real profit making potential.

The other upsells are optional depending on your needs and experience, if you are completely new, consider the Done For You package to get a headstart with plenty of template videos.

Overall, I highly recommended Grabvid, the app allows you to make great videos and you can target multiple markets.


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