AI Writing Tools Comparison

It seems that there has been a massive move towards AI writing tools over the past few months. There are a multitude of tools currently available or in beta.

I have personally signed up with 5 tools, some are not cheap at all but the possibilities are incredible.

If you have previously hired someone on Fiverr or similar platforms, you will definitely find a use for these tools. I regularly hire writers to write simple articles to fill a site with content. I have a few sites ranking with articles costing just $5 each and with a handful of articles on the site!

I intend to breakdown the tools I have paid for and highlight their uses and benefits, plus any flaws that I find along the way – and there have been multiple.

For the moment, my two favourite tools are and Shortlyai.

Both offer unlimited packages which means you can write without thinking about credits.

If you just want to test it out, both offer a free trial.

AI Tools Pricing

Conversion.AI is $29 for 20k words per month, for the Unlimited Pro plan the cost is $109.

If you sign up via this link, you will get a bonus 10k credits. is has a single unlimited plan, the monthly price is $79, the annual price is $65.


Both tools and pretty much all AI tools are using the GPT-3 system by openai for the content, returning natural language responses to inputs.

The GPT-3 language genarator is very accurate and can create content from very little information input.

This post is a work in progress so check back for updates. I will also create a video for each tool with demos and a comparison.

These are very exciting times for AI writing!

Shortly AI Demo

I made a video on ShortlyAI showing how to quickly get writing.

Get ShortlyAI here

Jarvis (ConversionAI) Demo

I attempted a live stream using Jarvis (formerly to create a post for a camera affiliate site. The blog post was usable with a little editing.

Get Jarvis Here

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