YT Evolution V2 Review FI

YT Evolution V2.0 Review

YT Evolution V2.0 has finally been released out of the beta programme.

In this review, I will show you the main features, updates in this version, and how I am using YT Evolution to create passive income.

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YT Evolution Discontinued

As of August 2023, the sale of YT Evolution has been discontinued. If you have it already as I do, you can keep it and it will continue to work as is.
It has been superseded by AI Wise Mind (click for review). This will be the future of Auto blogging using AI and adding the YouTube YT Evo features.
You are grandfathered in if you are a current subscriber of YT Evolution – nothing has changed with your package!

What is YT Evolution?

YT Evolution is a WordPress plugin that allows you to create an auto-blogging site with YouTube videos.

You can monetise the site with affiliate links, Google Adsense ads, Amazon Associates links, and other ad networks.

You can use it to create lead gen sites, local sites, syndication sites, YouTube video-boosting sites.

Think of YT Evo as a tool to create content on auto-pilot for your site – you can be creative to monetise that site if that is what you want to do.

What’s new in YT Evolution V2?

There are several new features and the overall system has been much improved.

Some of the highlights are:

  • Import YT video subtitles/transcript
  • Add videos to pre-selected categories per campaign
  • Add multiple YouTube API keys
  • Plugin auto updating
  • Article Builder integration

How much is YT Evolution V2.0?

YT Evolution is available via a pay monthly subscription which allows for installs on unlimited sites.

The current cost is $39 per month.

The switch to pay monthly was to aid with the ongoing development of the plugin.

There have been many improvements and this ensures that the plugin will remain in active development for a long time to come.

YT Evolution Discount

At the moment, there are no YT Evolution discounts or discount codes.

If I do find a legitimate, working discount for YT Evolution I will post it here.

Get YT Evolution here.

YT Evolution Settings

The settings are as follows:

Display Settings

YT Evolution V2 – Settings Dashboard

The Display Settings are pretty straightforward.

These are the default settings and I would suggest that they are left as they are.

Import Settings

YT Evolution V2 – Import Settings

The Import Settings are very useful and you should consider what you want to import from the YouTube videos.

The default categories will be selected when you go to the channel’s video import.

I choose not to import tags but I may change this in future on some sites.

I sent videos straight to Published, especially when using my own YouTube channel videos and I am embedding them on my own network of sites for syndication.

You can of course set them to draft and look and edit the content if required before manually publishing.

The YouTube Video description is the text added by the video publisher, I don’t usually import the description, or if I do, I make sure to edit the description in order to avoid any future DMCA issues or copyright issues.

YouTube video links are great if you are syndicating your own videos but not so great when using other videos for content.

I would usually restrict links from imported videos – unless they are my own of course.

EzineArticles Settings

YT Evolution V2 – EzineArticles Settings

One of the great features of YT Evolution has always been adding content via EzineArticles.

Once you request a free API key from EzineArticles, just add the key, select the main category and then the subcategory.

This will import some content from one or several articles to fill out the post and help massively with rankings.

This is very useful if you are restricting content and not adding your own content.

This imported content does rank.

It is not always the best content as it is a mix of articles and is not always on the same topic, but the general subject area usually works well enough.

Spin Rewriter Settings

YT Evolution V2 – Spinrewriter Settings

To make your content more unique, you could consider using your Spin Rewriter account to spin the content and make it more unique.

This is great to create a more unique post if you are using EzineArticles and even rewriting content imported from the YouTube video.

ArticleForge Settings

YT Evolution V2 – Article Forge Settings

This is a very useful option to rank your content in Google.

Article Forge is the best option to rank your site as the articles are very good and unique.

The options are a bit different to the previous content settings.

After adding your API key, you can choose to add a title and royalty-free image to the content.

The keywords and sub-keywords are the factors that will decide the quality of the content.

I would opt for 250-500 words but even 50 words will do the job.

Article Forge is the best content writer I have used for just straight content writing and no editing of the content.

Get YT Evolution here.

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