WP Traffic Guard Review

In this WP Traffic Guard review, I will highlight the main features of WP Traffic Guard and how it will help you with increasing affiliate commissions on your WordPress affiliate sites.


17th August 2020 @ 11am Est / 4pm UK

WP Traffic Guard Review

WP Traffic Guard is a WordPress plugin that will help you to increase your affiliate commissions.

It is simple to install and configure, just enter the details and upload banners or use the provided banners.

The plugin will allow you to add banner ads onto your 404 pages, not only that, it will record clicks on these ads, randomise ads and also promote ads higher up that receive more clicks.

You can also use simple shortcodes to use the same ads and record clicks separately for posts and pages from 404 clicks.

WP Traffic Guard randomises ads served on the 404 page and also, impressively, prioritises ads with high clicks (CTR) which potentially could mean more affiliate commissions.

How can you use WP Traffic Guard?

WP Traffic Guard is a lightweight plugin that will work on any website on any hosting, shared or dedicated.

After installing and adding your licence, you simply upload your banner ads or use the supplied ads and setup the referring affiliate links and activate.

When a visitor goes to an incorrect URL or incorrect/expired link, they are usually taken to a very bland standard 404 page that doesn’t provide much.

Standard 404 Page

404 pages are quite often forgotten about when setting up your WordPress site, let alone used as another affiliate income source.

With WP Traffic Guard you can serve ads and make money from these pages.

WP Traffic Guard can be used to make affiliate commissions or promote any content or site you wish. One use is to promote content on your site, i.e. an informative post, a buyers guide and so on,

Another use is to get visitors to optin to a newsletter to receive a free download with an optin form attached.

The most obvious use is to serve banner ads and make money from the 404 page.

WP Traffic Guard Setup

The setup process is straightforward, after uploading the plugin and adding your licence, follow the tutorials provided and add your banner ads.

WP Traffic Guard Admin Panel

From the admin panel you can quickly setup your 404 traffic monetisation page.

Simply enter a heading for the 404 page, set the layout from:

  • 2 x 2 Ads – small layout
  • 1 x 2 ads – large layout

Then selected your premade banner ads and select or deselect the option to prioritise ads with high CTR – best to leave this selected.

How much is WP Traffic Guard?

WP Traffic Guard has a front end full plugin with UNLIMITED installs plus several other offers including upgrades and other tools. Not all of these are essential but depending on your experience or requirements, they may be useful and will certainly pay for themselves in the future.

WP Traffic Guard Pricing

  • Front End Plugin: $12 / $17 (Dimesale)
  • OTO 1: Traffic Guard DFY Banner Packs: $12
  • OTO 2: Blog Niche Tools: $27
  • OTO 3: 100k Mega Articles Pack: $15
  • OTO 4: WP Tool Kit Smart Links: $37
  • OTO 5: WP Toolkit Smart Links Addon: $17
  • OTO 6: WP Toolkit GPL: $77

Front End Unlimited Plugin: $12

The front end plugin is just $12 and will increase up to $17 in a dime sale, each purchase increases the price by a dime.

The plugin works with all current versions of WordPress and is unlimited so can be used on any number of WordPress sites that you own.

OTOs and Upsells for WP Traffic Guard

OTO 1: Traffic Guard Banner Packs $12

Additional pre-made banners for WP Traffic Guard to save you more time.

OTO 2: Blog Niche Tools: $27

A collection of blog niche tools

OTO 3: 100k Mega Articles Pack: $15

100,000 mega pack of PLR articles for you to use and spin to add content to your WordPress sites

OTO 4: WP Tool Kit Smart Links: $37

Smart links WordPress plugin.

OTO 5: WP Toolkit Smart Links Addon: $17

Smartlinks addon to Smartlinks plugin.

OTO 6: WP Toolkit GPL: $77

Reseller licence to offer this and other products.


Is WP Traffic Guard worth it? Yes, for the price it is available at, it is a useful and innovative way to make more money from usually useless pages.

Not only does it serve ads, it also auto prioritises ads that have a better click-through rate (CTR) thus making you more money on auto pilot.

The upsells are useful if you do not want to make banner ads or want to add a few more tools to your WordPress tool kit.

I highly recommend WP Traffic Guard and I don’t think there is a similar plugin solution available at the moment.


If you purchase via any of the green buttons or links on this page, you will automatically receive access to the following custom and exclusive bonuses:


Access JavaScript Commission Bot Pro

Access to the unique traffic methods script to generate traffic and sales from Twitter and Instagram.


Fresh Content For Your Site in 5 Minutes

Video guide on how to get fresh content for your site in any niche in just a few minutes


Access to Headline Hack

Access to video training on how to create eye-catching and click-worthy headlines.


Get a SURGE of Traffic

Access to a video training course on getting a surge of traffic to your site.


All Vendor Bonuses

All vendor provided bonuses.

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