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As you may know, email marketing is very powerful even today, the problem with email is spam messages – there is far too much of it around and the email providers regularly mark perfectly good email as spam.

If you are on my email list, you will appreciate that I never send out spam message, just free training and notifications of genuinely good products and reviews.

In this post, I will explain how to filter my emails so that they do not go to spam and you get the email directly into your inbox.

If you follow the procedure, send me a link to a screenshot, I will send you some free bonuses including free access to training courses and other useful products.

Use the contact form and select Email Whitelist.


Gmail is the most used email service and is my choice for email, the process is as follows:

Ths guide refers to desktop.

Whitelist Gmail – 1

After you login, click on the gear cog located on the top right corner.

Whitelist Gmail – 2

From the pop-up menu, select “See all settings”.

Whitelist Gmail – 3

Click on the menu option “Filters and blocked addresses”.

Whitelist Gmail – 4

Click on the link “Create a new filter”.

Whitelist Gmail – 5

Enter the email address to whitelist, “[email protected]” and click on “Create filter”

Whitelist Gmail – 6

On the next screen, the main options to select are “Never send it to Spam” and “Always mark it as important”.

If you see 1 or more messages under the option “Also apply filter to x matching conversations”, please select this too, if it is 0 then ignore this option.

Whitelist Gmail – 7

The next screen should take you back to “Filters and blocked addresses” with a list of filters, take a screenshot showing my email address and follow the process above to send me a copy for your thank you bonus.

That’s it, the process is complete 👍.

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