Ministry of Freedom Review

In this Ministry of Freedom review, I will highlight the main benefits of the training and what I have gained from the training, including some income reports.

Ministry of Freedom Review

Ministry of Freedom is a complete training programme covering affiliate marketing and making real affiliate income online.

Ministry of Freedom is a training by the well reknowned marketer Jono Armstrong. Jono has several years of experience starting from the bottom to hitting the top 1% of affiliate marketers.

Jono has achieved this status in 2-3 years, he shows his strategy and methods that rocketed his income in 1 year into real 6 figure income.

There is no course like Ministry of Freedom, the support in unbelieveable, not just from Jono but from a whole team of experienced marketers.

You get access to the private, members only Facebook group, this is where all of the members and support staff can discuss issues, offer additional support and generally discuss how to move forward.

There are also 3-4 weekly live webinars across multiple times to discuss general issues, tips, newbie support, specific Google Ads training and much more.

Members have the unqiue opportunity to quiz Jono himself live via video or via the chat options.

One of the main feature highlights is called the Rotator. This in a nutshell is Jono giving you money back for putting in the work following the training, more about this later.

Another feature highlight is the Launch Booster, this is where members team up to launch a product or training and Jono covers the sales copy design fees ($1-3k) and will also promote your offer. This was created to allow members to massively boost their own list and also boost income compared to the Rotator.

What is inside Ministry of Freedom?

Once you sign up for the Ministry of Freedom, you will be given access to the extensive training area and also the members-only Facebook group.

You will gain access to the Facebook group, QA schedule and be eligible for the rotator where you can earn back your payment.

Ministry of Freedom Features

I have covered the main features but the features I like are the WordPress install, Email, File Manager and Backups.


This is where the team assigns members to a group, when new products are launched, the team posts the access details along with the link request details to a doc.

If you are in the group, you must, following the training, create a review video and request your link, the post it to a thread for that product launch in the Facebook group before the deadline, usually the day before the launch.

Once the video and bonus page link have been checked, you willl be added to the pool for the rotator.

This is the fun part, due to the massive size of Jono’s audience, he will use magical tricks to rotate the link to one of the links from the groups. That means that Jono is literally giving you money by giving you his traffic.

This was initially open to all members but in Ministry of Freedom 2.0 which was launched with updated training, this is only open to members for the first 90 days.

Launch Booster

The Launch Booster is a new inititive from Jono, he offers to pay for the sales copy and has provided a list of products or training that you can create with another member of the group.

This is a saving of $1,000 to $3,000 for you as getting the right copy and page is vital to get maximum sales and profits.

How much is Ministry of Freedom?

Ministry of Freedom is not cheap, think of it as an investment into your future business.

There are 2 pricing options:

  • One Off Payment – $1497
  • Split Payment – $897 x 2

If you pay the full price upfront, you will receive immediate eligibility to the Rotator where you can earn back some money. The split payment option get’s you into the training but you are will not be eligibile for the rotator until full payment is made.

OTOs and Upsells for Ministry of Freedom

There are no upsells or OTOs.


Is Ministry of Freedom worth it? Definitely yes! I paid in full and within the first week I was making money from the rotator.

I took the time to go through all of the training and I learnt about techniques and picked up many tips to create better videos and offers.

The training is extremely valuable and extensive, everything you can think of is covered.

You can also get a lot out of the weekly live calls and you have direct access to Jono.

Overall, I recommended Ministry of Freedom, the price is high but consider it a business expense. This is one training that I will treasure and profit from for a long time!


If you purchase via any of the green buttons or links on this page, you will automatically receive access to the following custom and exclusive bonuses:



Ministry of Freedom Quick Start Setup

Over the shoulder (18 minutes) video training on how to get started with Ministry of Freedom, from WordPress install, email setup and backups.


WordPress Performance Tips

Video tutorials on how to quickly improve performance for your WordPress site.


Quickstart WordPress Setup Guide

Video guide on how to quickly setup wordpress, covering secutiry tips and initial setup essentials.


WordPress Basic Security for Free Guide

Full video case study with training


All Vendor Bonuses

All vendor provided bonuses.


Amazing Free Hosting

Host sites, landing pages, opt-in forms with a free page builder and super fast hosting that Google will love.

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