CPA Boss Review

In this CPA Boss review, I will highlight the main features of CPA Boss and how you can use CPA Boss to make money with CPA offers and there is also an app to make money with CPA offers.


12th October 2020 @ 9am Est / 2pm UK

CPA Boss Review

CPA Boss is a package deal, full training and cloud-based app, the training covers the basics of CPA marketing going into funnel creation and making money via CPA offers.

The training is fairly comprehensive and covers all aspects of CPA offers, as a newbie or intermediate marketer, the training is useful if you are not an active CPA marketer.

CPA is cost per action, where you are paid for an action rather than the actual sale as is the case with usual affiliate marketing.

The training in CPA Boss will teach you about where to get CPA offers, which offers to consider, how to be accepted and how to make money with CPA offers.

CPA Boss App

The CPA Boss app is a cloud-based app, it seemed like a good app in theory but in practice, it is a bit spammy and not great.

The main feature is bulk commenting, this basically comments on popular videos or new videos with comments that will include a like to your site of offer.

The problem is, most channels, including my own, pre-block comments with links, they are nearly always spam links and don’t add to the comments.

This method may have worked well in the past but there is so much spam on YouTube at the moment, people can easily spot spammers – any why would you click on some random link?

CPA Boss Membership Area

The CPA Boss main training membership area is quite plain and for a change, it is made in WordPress rather than ClickFunnels.

I have no issue with this as the function of the page is to get us to the training videos easily, which it does well.

CPA Boss Membership Area – Training

There are 6 main core modules in the front end covering all basic aspects of CPA offers and CPA marketing.

The videos are well made and the training is easy to follow.

CPA Boss App Dashboard

CPA Boss is also bundled with an app that looks good bit the outcome is not ideal. The design is pretty good and the layout is clear but I would stick to the training.

CPA Boss App Dashboard

If you really want to use the app, the tutorials are quite comprehensive and cover all of the features in an easy to follow way.

The basic overview is, you add your YouTube accounts and schedule posts on popular or new videos. I would suggest caution with this as the method is quite spammy, use new accounts, not your main account/s.

There is also a URL shortener and Image editor in the suite of tools but there are better services for that.

How can you use CPA Boss?

The best feature of CPA Boss in the front end is the training, for $17 at launch, you are picking up some fairly substantial training in CPA marketing.

Without giving away the training, you are taken through the steps in identifying good CPA offers, learning how to get approved for the offers and how to use native ads to promote those offers.

The best thing about CPA marketing is that your visitor does not need to purchase anything in order for you to get paid, you need to get them to the offer and initiate an action such as entering an email or zip/postcode.

How much is CPA Boss?

CPA Boss is $17 at launch, the price may increase after launch so grab it while you can at this amazing price.

The other upsells are optional, they add benefit to the front end product and can be purchased only after purchasing the front end offer.

All of the pricing for CPA Boss is one-time pricing, no recurring subscriptions.

CPA Boss Pricing

  • CPA Boss Front End: $17
  • OTO 1: CPA Boss Pro Edition: $37 / $27
  • OTO 2: CPA Boss DFY: $47 / $27
  • OTO 3: 8 Affiliate Case Studies: $27 / $17
  • OTO 4: 6 x Reseller Licence: $197 / $67
  • OTO 5: 6-Figure Training: $47 / $27
  • OTO 6: 3 Traffic Software: $27 / $17

CPA Boss Front End

The front end product is split into two parts, the video training and cloud-based app.

You can start with this and make money with CPA offers.

OTOs and Upsells for CPA Boss

OTO 1: CPA Boss Pro Edition

The CPA Boss Pro Edition gives you unlimited traffic and unlimited campaigns.


The DFY pack allows you to get started within minutes.

OTO 3: 8 Affiliate Case Studies

The case studies are copy paste methods that these guys have used to make money, these will show you over the shoulder, how they started the campaigns and made money.

OTO 4: 6 x Reseller Licence

Reseller allows you to sell CPA Boss and set your own price and take 100% of the commissions.

OTO 5: 6-Figure Training

The 6 Figure Training will go through how to become a super affiliate and make a 6 figure income with affiliate marketing.

OTO 6: 3 Traffic Software

You will receive 3 traffic apps or software for a single price.


Is CPA Boss worth it? I believe the training is very good, especially if you are new to CPA marketing. The app I have reservations about as it is a bit spammy.

In the training, you learn about CPA marketing and also native ads.

The training is good enough to get you started and you should be able to make some money.

The upsells are reasonably priced, especially as downsells. I always look for case studies as they offer great value.

Overall, I recommended CPA Boss for the training and I think you can use the training to learn about how to make money from CPA marketing.


If you purchase via any of the green buttons or links on this page, you will automatically receive access to the following custom and exclusive bonuses:


Access Geminii (front end) First 24 Hours Only

Full access Geminii front end, 3-in-1 software, autoresponder compatible with Mailgun, page builder and other tools.


Access to Behind the Scenes of 5 Figure Campaign

Video tutorials on how to set up a 5 figure marketing campaign.


Bing Ads Course

Video course on how to use Bing Ads for cheap traffic


Access to Goodwill

Training and app with freebies to give away which will accelerate your list building.


All Vendor Bonuses

All vendor provided bonuses.


Free Page Hosting that Google Loves

How to get free page hosting for landing pages, op-tins, websites, lead gen pages and more.

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